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There are plenty of interesting books to read and people might spend hours in the books store or on the internet to find a novel they are likely to read. The best way to understand what you should choose is to find the genre you like the most. In this essay, our team wants to facilitate your searches and provide you with the short descriptions of almost all the genres and the most prominent their representatives so that you could clearly understand the features these genres possess and thus choose the one that will definitely be interesting for you. For example, you wrote an essay on any topic but you are quite uncertain whether it meets all the standards and requirements of modern writing or whether it is mistake-free. Our team can make sure your paper will be deprived of all the possible grammatical mistakes. Moreover, you can get a quick essay grammar check with a huge discount. Don’t waste your time.

  1. Adventure novel. This one is for those who don't like to think much about the emotional or psychological state of the main characters or solve the riddles the author implemented in the text. These novels are intended for those who want to read about the wonderful adventures of people, who visit marvelous places, read their description in details to literally see it in front of their eyes. Sometimes, these novels describe places that do not actually exist, but still, their main intention is to tell the reader about adventures. The most interesting examples are Treasure Island by Robert Luis Stevenson, Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe and In Search for Captain Grant by Jules Verne. You might also be interested in the detailed biography of Jules Verne since his life was an interesting adventure you will definitely like to read about.
  2. Psychological novels. This type is aimed at discovering the internal world of the main characters. The author is intended to show the reader what the characters feel concerning each other and the situation they are put in and how these emotions and their points of view change with the events that happen with them subsequently. The questions on the issue of the day are usually morality, ethics, humanity, choices we make etc. The best examples are Collector by John Fowles, Red and Black by Stendhal etc. As a rule, people refer to custom writing services, but if they write their papers on their own, they don't use editing services to make sure the paper is written correctly. Sometimes, it leads to certain inconveniences that could have been avoided if they used our services. Follow the link to make sure you actually need our editing services
  3. Historical novel. This one is written with regard to certain historical data and reliable sources of information to show the way people live during a certain period of time including important details to make sure all the readers will clearly understand what time the author is intended to describe. However, the main story is based on the unreal story with unreal characters who might interact with famous historical personalities. There are a couple of good examples you may read if you are really fond of such type of novels. First of all, it is Ivanhoe by Walter Scott and Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. Compared with other services that provide proofreading and editing, we have affordable proofreading and editing price with the same quality of services. You don’t need to waste your money paying extra for nothing. We will take care of your paper and provide you with an opportunity to save your money.
  4. Science fiction. This is the product of the imagination of the author and he or she is free to come up with any concepts. The author can create the whole race with various features that have nothing to do with human ones or even the entire planet with the flora and fauna that contains unbelievable species or create an alternative universe with completely new history or with certain changes to be done. The best examples are all the novels of Rey Bradbury and Herbert Wells. Probably, one of the most prominent works of Herbert George Wells is The Invisible Man and most people know about it thanks to the Hollywood movies but they have nothing to do with the novel. Here is the summary of The Invisible Man if you have not enough time to read the entire novel.
  5. Parody or satire. This is also a very special genre, which implies a hidden parody about something or someone to laugh at the flaws of it. Usually, such novels are based on the criticism since the humor is usually intended to criticize something like the government, a person, or some concept etc. It might seem that these are mostly entertaining novels, however, it is not true since as a rule satire is implicit and the reader should find it him/herself that requires certain knowledge. The best example is The Bourgeois Gentleman by Moliere.  Our proofreading rates per page are probably the cheapest on the internet since we clearly understand that most of our customers are students and they don’t have an opportunity to pay a full price for the services other companies offer. Thus, we decreased the prices for editing and proofreading to enable students to order.
  6. Philosophical novel. As you know, philosophy has various direction and studies that consider the world, the reality or morality with a different point of view and sometimes these ideas are used as the basis for the novel. The main character is caught by the circumstances that the main ideas of the philosophical school chosen are implemented and influence his or her decisions. In general, it is difficult to explain what actually the major feature of the philosophical novel is, except certain philosophy to be implemented. As a rule, they have nothing in common, no common features, and no common characters. The best examples, in this case, are The Stranger by Albert Camus or Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre etc. If you are about to write something of your own, but you don’t really know where to start and how to find enough inspiration. We can help you with it. Our writers elaborated their own ten writing tips that will help you to find new interesting ideas and implement them in the way you want

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