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Copy editing, as a rule, is the final stage in the preparation of the layout. In this post, we will consider copy editing rates per word and other tariffing, which is competitively provided by If you have a mock-up layout and you want to be sure that the document does not contain structural and technical errors, then you should use a copy editing service. If more than 5% of errors are detected during copy editing, then it is recommended, after making changes to the layout, to perform the final proofreading.

In the process of copy editing, the document editor checks the correctness of the structure and layout (splitting into sections, parts, chapters, etc.), eliminates violations caused by text changes by other editors, compares two texts, verifies the construction of headings and their font design, marks the inserts.

Proofreading and editing of documents, which are widely used as described here, that have been translated into a foreign language are also mandatory in the process of providing translation services for translation agencies, still it is important to distinguish copy editing

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Copy editing is one of the important stages of working on the translated text. Especially important role editing plays in the translation of highly specialized texts (economic, marketing, medical and other styles of writing). At Edit-It you can either find available 24/7 dissertation proofreading. Copy editing services include comparing the translated text with the original (checking the correctness of the choice of vocabulary, clarity of presentation, the integrity of the translation, the correctness of the transfer of meaning, the identification of untranslated places). Check out more about different types of editing from this link:

Copy editing of the text is a check and correction of the style, creating text for a certain audience. The specialized editing of the technical text is performed by an industry specialist who is versed and experienced in the given topic.

Editing technical texts is working with an already done translation. The original text is not required, it is understood that the technical translation is performed with the correct transmission of the meaning of the source text. The main features of the scientific and technical style of translation are strict clarity of presentation, unambiguous definitions of technical terms. In the copy editing of the text, the translator must accurately convey the author's idea, putting it in the form inherent in the scientific and technical style, without introducing specific features of the source text into the translation.

Copy editing of the translation may be necessary in the event that the translation was made by an unprofessional translator or an interpreter without special education. There are many remote translators, so-called freelancers, who want to try their hand at a new path - in scientific and technical editing or proof-reading. However, many face such a problem as the formation of tariffs for such types of work - this area is rather narrow, the work is specific, and each technical translation is a piece product.

Below is collected information that will help you to orient yourself in the editorial and proofreading of the translated texts and set the cost in such a way that the monthly earnings are not affected.

1. Copy Editing or Proofreading?

First, it is needed to understand the fundamental difference between copy editing and proofreading. The correction consists in checking the text for lack of spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors, while the tasks of the copy editor are much broader - ensuring the correctness of terminology, description of processes, expressions and norms of presentation. Obviously, proofreading is less labor-intensive and simpler than copy editing.

2. Timing

Before getting to work it is necessary to carefully review the translated document. Correction of a good text should not take more than a quarter of the time spent on the writing. Better to refrain from proofreading if many errors are found or the quality of text translation is low.

3. Accuracy

Carefully read the contract for the work, specify all the details by editing and/or proofreading.

4. Difficult papers

If you want to edit a document that contains a lot of errors, you should negotiate the word/page-based payment, rather than paying for the time. Initially, it is almost impossible to determine how long the editorial will take in this case.

5. Time evaluation

If it is impossible to evaluate the time spent, the tariff should be set, which equals 50-60% of the cost of the translation (in case copy editing follows the translation).

Follow these simple rules when ordering copy editing services. Over time, with experience, you will develop your own set of principles.

Copy editing rates per 1000 words and basic factors form and influence on pricing:

  1. Written copy editing of technical documentation. The prices are indicated per standard page of the written text (1800 characters with spaces).

    Copy Editing in English: 8 usd / page

Copy Editing in other Languages: 10-15 usd / page   

Rates per 1000 words rates are normally going with x3 coefficient. The cost of copy editing includes editing of technical texts, scientific editing, as well as review (medium complexity) for the original document. When requesting an estimate of the cost of copy editing services, Edit-It always sends a detailed description of the order statistics, including the volume (number of characters, pages), cost and terms of execution. The volume and cost of the copy editing can also be estimated by the number of characters in the original text (statistics of MS Word), with a factor of x1.2

Example: Calculation of the cost of copy editing (approximate amount and cost of the finished copy editing at the output): 

"Number of pages" = ("Number of characters with spaces" x 1.2) / 1800 characters,

"Order value" = "Number of pages" x 8 usd.

There is also a tariffing for rates per word, which is normally 0,03 USD per word. As such, that is another place to find English proofreading service for tomorrow

  1. Speed and timing of the order. It depends on the size of the document. When determining the terms for the copy editing of technical texts, the model of 6-8 pages a day by one editor is taken (including scientific editing). With medium and large orders (if agreed with the customer), Edit-It additionally connects the necessary number of project specialists – copy editors.
  2. The form and procedure of payment, how to order a copy editing. Payments are made in USD. Any form of payment is acceptable for customer’s convenience, including non-cash form (under the Agreement or the Account), with the completion of all necessary closing documents, including a certificate of completion. The beginning of work is an email confirmation received by the Customer. In this case, the advance payment can be made in the course of the work.
  3. Discounts. Discount - 10% for a volume of more than 50 pages.

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