Dissertation Editor: Main Role and Functions


Is your dissertation written up to the point? Have you proved all of your claims with well-grounded and well-reasoned evidence? Or maybe, you have made some silly mistakes in your writing. In all of these cases, you desperately need help of a qualified dissertation editor. But before you start looking for the editing service, we recommend you to read the following article to learn more about the key role and the most common functions of dissertation editors. The current essay will help you to understand what the art of editing means and what services you can use to make your dissertation well-written and properly organized. You should not underestimate the time that you will need to spend on reviewing and revising such a difficult piece of writing as dissertation. The job of editing plays a very important role in the process of composing a dissertation. Some students think that it would be enough just to write a dissertation and submit it to the professor. This is a common mistake of inexperienced writers who underestimate the role of editing. Let us discuss what a professional dissertation editor does.

  • First of all, a good dissertation editor needs to review the paper on the whole. This means that an editor needs to stick to the outline and have a plan on how to complete the task of editing. The role of an editor is to answer the question of whether the student has developed well-grounded arguments in the course of writing. These arguments should correspond to the central question or the title of the paper. An editor should make sure that the content of the dissertation matches its title in an appropriate manner. The basic task of an editor is not to be afraid of rephrasing the topic of a dissertation in case the writer has shifted the focus of the paper or in case the title does not match the issues that are covered in the paper.
  • Another task of an editor is to analyze whether the key words and notions used in the dissertation correspond to its content. This way, there would be no risk of accidentally confusing the audience, for whom the dissertation is intended. As a rule, editors try to see the problem from the side of someone who is not familiar with the subject. The task of an editor is to make every term and notion easy to comprehend.
  • A professional dissertation editor starts the process of editing from reading over every section of the paper and rearranging the title of the work in order to make it relevant and up to the point. The details contained in the paper should correspond to the dissertation’s title. The major function of an editor in this case is to make sure that the content belongs in this or that section of the paper. Anything that can be cut out or placed in some other section of the paper should be highlighted by the editor so that all the sections are relevant to the issues discussed by the author. In case the ideas of the author are repeated, the task of an editor would be to correct or emphasize this mistake for the author to see what amendments should be made.
  • While reviewing each part of the dissertation, an editor would try to make sure that there is enough analysis and description. The editor might try to make the ideas of the author more explicit. In other words, the role of an editor is to make the issues reflected in the paper clearer for the reader. The problems addressed in the paper should be easy to understand and adhere to the subject of the dissertation.
  • After each section of the dissertation has been reviewed, the task of a dissertation editor would be to review the paragraphs. In such a way, dissertation editing means moving from the bigger parts to the smaller ones. In this regard, an editor would try to ensure that the first sentence in every paragraph reflects the ideas that the author wants to communicate to the audience. Besides, the editor should carefully analyze whether each paragraph is related to the issues discussed across the paper. This can be done by means of adding various opening phrases in case the author has omitted them. After reviewing the paragraphs, the final step undertaken by an editor would be to review the separate sentences to detect any minor mistakes including grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.

With that said, the above functions of a dissertation editor clearly show that reviewing a dissertation is not an easy task even if you are knowledgeable in the subject on which you are writing. Therefore, we recommend you to use help of professional dissertation editors in order to make your paper better organized and written more professionally. In this case, you will ensure that you get the highest appraisal for your graduate paper. It is advisable not to neglect the opportunity to use professional help of special services that are aimed at helping students with dissertation editing and proofreading. However, not many students know how to distinguish a good company from an untrustworthy one. In fact, some companies should not be trusted by students. This is because there are services that place too much value to gaining profit rather than the quality of papers they deliver. Therefore, one should be careful when choosing a dissertation editing service.

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