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Proofreading is the process of correcting grammatical and technical errors and shortcomings in text and graphic materials prepared for reproduction by printing (or any other) method. In a more narrow sense - an impression from the typographical set, intended for making corrections. This is one of our company specializations, and almost all our services include proofreading part inside, not speaking about proofreading itself, as a separate service. Proofreading rates per page are the most common in this type of service, but we will consider alternatives as well.

What if you have an ask “proofread my essay professionally”? Many people think that proofreading and editing are about the same thing. The ideological similarity between these two processes of editing the text, of course, exists, but nothing more than that. If the translation can be corrected in half an hour, the editing of the same text will take 2, 3, and 4 hours. Check out more in the best proofreading service is online now.

So, what is this proofreading? In essence, this is a translation/writing check for the presence of all sorts of grammatical, spelling and syntactic errors. In fact, there is a correction of literacy, without regard for terminology and the correct application of certain meanings of words. The cost of proofreading is about a quarter of the cost of translating the text. In addition, you should know exactly, why you should apply to professionals.

At our website, you will find the best approach to the quality texts. Our experience allows us to bring the best solution for proofreading and the most affordable rates.

Thanks to proofreading and editing, the written text acquires a complete look, overall integrity and terminology correctness. For instance, you can learn more about adverbs in the article:        

Proofreading is an important publishing process designed to eliminate errors, mistakes, typos and other shortcomings that reduce the perception of the text in a finished, published view. It is also the stage of the production process of publishing books, newspapers, magazines and other printed materials, which eliminates various errors and shortcomings in editing and typing. We believe you should know with whom you are working together.

Work on the proofreading of the same work is carried out in several stages: first, the manuscript, typing, proofs and, finally, printing, in order to identify and, if possible, eliminate errors before the book is released.

Someone may ask, are website proofreading errors costing you sales? Experience says yes.

Also in this section:

Types of proofreading methods:

  • technical proofreading to correct errors after careful reading;
  • revision-reconciliation for checking patches in sheets, produced by both proof-reading impressions and line-by-line readings;
  • edit-debugging performed by two proofreaders, one of which reads aloud the text of the original, and another monitors the corrections and reports each of them to the second corrector in order to eliminate the omissions in the revision and inconsistencies with the original;
  • a summary produced in the printing house with the aim of reducing all types of edits and checking the correctness of lines, strips, printed sheets in general.

Besides, while you evaluate your time investments for editing and proofreading, you may look for a cheap dissertation editor outside.

Main services in proofreading, our company provides:

1. "MS Word Proofreading" Service.

If you want to be sure that the original texts do not contain errors, you should choose this one. Correction editing in MS Word is done in the review mode - you have the opportunity to see all the corrections that the proofreader has made to the source text. Most often, here you will meet proofreading rates per word. Rates start from 0,02 usd per word.

2. "PDF Proofreading" Service.

You choose it if you want to be sure that the completed texts do not contain errors.

"Proofreading in PDF" is performed in the form of comments to the text. After receiving the file from the proofreader, you need to make all changes to the layout yourself. This service starts from 10 usd per 1000 symbols. To be 100% sure that all the corrections have been made, we recommend using the "Final proofreading" service.

3. "Final proofreading" Service.

Use it if you plan to post the correction of the proofreader in the layout. Final proofreading and verification is the final stage of work on the text. As a rule, the final reconciliation is obligatory for documents that will be submitted to the press or otherwise published. It will exclude any mistakes that can occur during the work of the writer/translator or editor. Final proofreading is carried out for documents that were previously corrected in the publishing house. Starting from 8 usd per 1000 symbols.

4. "Single proofreading" Service.

Designed to make sure that the texts do not contain errors. "Single proofreading" is the fastest type of editing, after initial writing, texts for 90-95% will be cleared of errors. The tariff is 10 usd per 1000 symbols and higher.

5. "Double proofreading" Service.

This is a Service to reconfirm the texts do not contain errors. "Double proofreading" is the gold standard of proofreading. Your text will be read by two proofreaders. After double proofreading, the text will be cleared of errors by 98%.

In the US proofreading rates are normally 30% more high than in the rest of the world. The pricing is from 15 usd per 1000 symbols and over.

Besides, in this topic you can also learn how to cope future perfect continuous from the article:

Average deadlines. The proofreading standard is up to 80,000 characters with spaces per day. The editorial standard is up to 30 000 characters with spaces per day. With an independent evaluation of the timing, you should always consider the possible order queue.

Learn more about the most common proofreading errors and related problems which happen during editing

If you wrote a good and informative text, but have a tug with literacy, and need to correct only errors in words and incorrect punctuation marks - the semantic component of the text will remain unchanged. Professional proofreader will only give it the proper literary form with the help of proofreading (correction of orthographic, punctuation errors, and set errors) and editing (work on logic and stylistics of constructing sentences). Try to find online essay proofreader for free, and you will be surprised by the results.

Very often, proofreading result is needed "for yesterday". Usually proofreading specialist is online from 11:00 to 19:00 on weekdays, and on weekends, he/she checks an e-mail several times a day. You may call, send an e-mail or write to Facebook or Skype. Your order will be evaluated as soon as possible to advise the time and cost for its fulfilment. The speed of the actual reading of the text varies depending on its volume.

Usually, the text, which is not created by a specialist-philologist, is far from perfect from the point of view of the literary language. Thus, you always need a competent proofreader, who will identify and correct all grammatical errors, work on the lexicon of the text, follow its logical construction, thereby making the text readable and as simple as possible for perception.

Not only proofreaders form our skilled team. High-level writers and editors complete it. The quality control established on at least 2-stage checking, to bring the best result to the customer. Flexible discounts up to 20% for regular customers make it even more attractive. Overall, we care to deliver guarantees to our clients, thus you are always being refunded in case the paper has not passed the examination.

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