How to Become a Left-Handed Writer


How to become a left-handed writer

Modern technologies offer myriad opportunities for learning which humanity did not even dream of a couple of decades ago. Distant learning, online libraries, and virtual communication are practices that have started to be firmly applied worldwide. However, with advanced technologies introduced in education, children and students began losing important skills, one of which is hand-writing. Surely, the invention of the computer made human life much more convenient. It is much quicker to communicate information using laptops, smartphones, and PCs compared with old-fashioned hand-writing. However, no innovative devices and techniques are able to favor brain development as much as an ordinary pen does. This is why it is highly important to keep writing by hand. At this hour, our editing & proofreading experts are set to explore all benefits that an individual gets practicing hand-writing regularly.

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Along with diverse services, we keep a blog where our team experts share their secrets about achieving success. Here, we look for effective methods to become more learned and advanced in learning. One of the crucial issues with which we are currently concerned is the advantages of hand-writing. Though many find this activity out-of-date and vain, it can bring about strong positive outcomes. Which ones? Keep on reading to find out.

1. Improving memory

In the process of writing, the reticular activating system of the brain is involved, which serves as a filter that screens out all useless information. To write something, it is necessary to concentrate on the action of writing as much as possible. On this condition, the letters written by hand differs from the set of letters on the keyboard. Typing on the keyboard is a monotonous job because all you need is just to press keys. Meanwhile, writing implies that there is a set of elements for each letter, and they require efforts to be written. This practice has been proven to contribute to the treatment of dyslexia.

2. Improving speech

After the spread of typewriters, not all writers chose this way of writing. For a long time, many people did not betray hand-writing. Moreover, the University of Washington conducted a study proving that students are better and faster coping with the essay if they write it manually and not on the computer. It appeared that the structures of handwritten essays are more complex, and the figures of speech were more sophisticated and creative.

3. Improving attention

Computer work often entails distraction since there are numerous extraneous factors that can divert our attention. Human sensors are overloaded. Any person working with the computer gets distracted by the cursor or other elements of the operating system. All this has a disastrous effect on the creative process. Meanwhile, if you see only a sheet of paper in front of you, the brain is solely focused on writing, ignoring everything around. Thus, a high concentration of attention is achieved.

4. Beating stress

Our talented academic paper editing experts claim that the most effective way to beat stress is to start writing a diary. First, diary writing helps to throw out negative emotions and experiences so that bad thoughts are not perceived so sharply. Besides, it has a positive impact on developing creativity by expressing thoughts and ideas coming into head. The more one devotes oneself to writing, the more a person understands personal aspirations and develop individual skills. Since handwriting is individual, the letters are always different, of various sizes. The arrangement of words, as well as the tempo of writing, is also unique. Many people are in the habit of drawing some figures on the paper during a telephone conversation because this has a calming effect. The same happens in the process of hand-writing. If you write down your thoughts on paper, you begin experiencing the same events and differently. The same issue is about reading paper books instead of highly popular electronic ones. Read our blog why you should choose printed books as well:

5. Brain training

Hand-writing activates different zones of the brain that are responsible for memory, thinking, and speech. Therefore, the more a person writes by hand, the more the brain is overloaded. Thinking abilities of persons who live at the time when there was no computing machine differ significantly from our present-day reality when the computer gives us tremendous opportunities. After comparing electronic and manuscript diaries, scientists noticed that the ability to state a thought was more developed in those individuals who were adherents of hand-writing. Therefore, if you want to keep your mind sharp, you should practice writing by hand regularly, even if the overall work is connected with the computer. This useful exercise will allow you to keep the brain active and shrewd for the years to come.

Thanks to our editing & proofreading online company, you can make sure that hand-writing is not only about an obsolete manner of writing. It is yet a highly effective technique to develop brain abilities. Regular practice will have a good effect on writing skills as well as creativity. If you liked this post, you are welcome to read more about efficient methods to develop memory and writing skills on our blog:

But now, let’s remember that the process of writing can be performed in either way: an individual can write by the left or right hand. There are a few people who are well skilled in both way, but yet, they are rather an exception. Though the result of writing is always the same –  information communicated in a written form – there exist huge differences behind the way a person holds their pen. Our proof reading academic experts explore the merits of the left-handed ability.

6. Is it good to be a left-handed writer?

It is a well-known fact that individual abilities and the way of thinking are directly defined by the work of brain, both hemispheres of which control the human body. In particular, each side of the brain determines a set of skills,

Let’s outline briefly for what the left and right sides of the brain are responsible. The left hemisphere, which until recently many doctors have considered as prevailing, is mostly concerned with logical thinking. In fact, it dominates and prevails only in the performance of the following functions: analytical thinking, logic, and analysis (drawing conclusions and identifying cause and effect relationships). It is also responsible for verbal information, controls speech and language abilities of a person. It is thanks to the left part of the brain that we memorize various names and dates, mathematical symbols and just numbers, facts and events, as well as their order.

Unlike the left hemisphere, the right one studies the problem (subject, event) as a whole and concurrently from different sides, often without using analysis. Here, the main duty is imposed on intuition. Left-handers have better-developed imagination, creative abilities; they are better oriented in space. In addition, the convolutions of the right hemisphere are responsible for a sense of humor, the ability to dream and fantasize.

The majority of people being right-handed lack strong creative thinking because their brain is more accustomed to systemizing information. However, it is desirable for all people to involve both sides of the brain in the process of learning because this way, a person is able to produce higher results.

7. Why should you start left-handed writing?

To develop the left-hander’s abilities and to synchronize the work of both hemispheres, it is better to follow the simplest road that our online editors advise for students. This path consists in developing the first and foremost right-hander’s ability – left-handed writing. A person who is capable of writing equally by both right and left hands has both halves of gray matter well developed. And if you are eager to develop creative skills, you should boost your left-handed skills. Having learned how to succeed in left-handed writing, you will be able to discover your talents. In addition, the coordination of your movements improves in the process of developing the motor skills of hands.

It is one of the neurobics exercises, so-called mind training, for a right-handed person to perform unusual actions with the left hand and for a left-handed person vice versa. There are a string of benefits you will get from the ability of left-handed writing.

  • This is an awesome trick to impress your friends. Many people may find it funny.
  • If you believe yourself extraordinary, this skill will never be superfluous. Only about 20% of people are left-writers.
  • If your job requires ongoing hand-writing, this way you will not be exhausted since the hands will relax alternatively.

If you have made up your mind, let’s come down to the ways our academic essay editing professionals used to develop this interesting ability.

8. How to take up left-handed writing?

Our editing writing service says that none of the following rules can be neglected if you strive to thrive in left-handed writing. Be persistent to succeed in doing all of these.

See your purpose clearly. Before you start learning to left-handed writing, it is crucial to determine the purpose of this activity. You should have enough of the advantages described above to begin. The main thing is to realize why you need it. If there is no goal, there is no result.

Select good accessories. You’d better take a lined notebook so that it is easier to make writing straight. Next, it is important to choose a pen. Do not think that this to be a trifle. This choice will be easier to make is you have at least a dozen of pens at hand to try and see where your right one is. The pen is your main instrument. Unless it is perfect, your success is obscure. Those who have written a lot understand that a comfortable pen makes writing easier and not so tense.

Mind your learning atmosphere. First, take a comfortable seat. Remove unnecessary things on the table. If possible, try to make light falling from the upper right corner. It is equally important to fix the correct slope of the notebook so that your hands will not get tired quickly, and there will be less stiffness in the course of writing. It is clear that the usual slope will be no longer convenient for you. The left upper corner of the notebook should be above the right one. This way, the process of writing will go much easier. The pen is better to hold the way you are convenient with.

What to write about. After you have accommodated your writing place, the question arises: what exactly to write? This is not actually a big problem. Write anything you want. You can make up a tomorrow’s schedule or describe ideas coming into head. Along with ordinary things, you can also exercise your attention. For this reason, you need to restore the last lecture, meeting, any information you were listening to, on your paper. In addition, do not forget to watch for the smoothness of writing as well as for speed. Do not rush; your results do not depend on the speed of your writing, rather on quality and attention. By the way, you can achieve better results by following our experts’ advice about ways to develop:

Practice from dusk till dawn. At any opportunity, try to write with your left hand, not the right one. It is not about signing a contract or writing an application for a dream job. In both cases, experiments are not appropriate. However, you can fill out the diary or make up a list of products, write down a book title or a phone number. Also, pay attention to the overall development of the left arm and its motor skills. Take a spoonful at dinner or a toothbrush in the left hand; try to work at the computer without using your right arm. And if you are already good at left-handed writing, try to draw.

If you go hard to become a left-handed person, benefit from our blog where you can read effective tips on developing any habits:

9. Nuances that matter

At first, you should not make letters small so that it will be much more effective to develop muscle memory. Also, do not get upset if some attempts of yours, handwriting remains curve as it was, and letters are ‘drunk’. You will definitely learn how to do it. It is just the matter of time. By the way, talking about the frequency of hand-writing, it is better to devote little time to this activity but on a regular basis. You can read more tips on self-development by consulting our paper editing and proofreading site. Besides, do not forget to take breaks. If in the course of writing you understand that the hand is tired, do not torture yourself and take a rest. In order to prevent fatigue, do not strain your hand and fingers when writing.

10. Choose our service

Nowadays, when higher education requires students to have a wide range of skills to excel, it is truly hard to manage everything on their own. In addition, often students are forced to take a part-time job to cover tuition fees as well as to survive being far from parents’ support. With such lifestyle, it is barely possible to stay an A-student without sacrificing health and sleep. That is why our accurate essay editing service is the best way out. We understand as none else which impediments student’s life hides, and this is the reason why we long to help. By co-working with our professional team, any student will get plenty of benefits in life, from more free time to boost academic performance. Many our customers have remained satisfied with high academic achievements they attained thanks to our professional help.

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