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It does not matter what you are focused on whether you strive to learn a new language, play the cello or conceive new physic laws, the process of learning is equal for all activities. Learning takes place when the human brain retains the information a person perceives. Though each individual is unique, the psychophysiological processes sparked by in the process of learning are similar. Insight into these phenomena allows elaborating the most effective learning strategy. Our service distinguished 6 fundamental principles of learning that each student needs to know.

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Read about 6 Effective Rules Applied By Experts from Proofreading PhD Thesis Company

All life is a process of transmitting and perceiving information. When people start a new job, they have to perceive a lot of new information: a physical environment, new colleagues, details of new responsibilities. All this happens naturally; people do this subconsciously. But, as Winston Churchill said, "I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught". The best learning environment is one in which natural propensities of a person are directed to what is needed to study.

Learning is a fundamental and inherent need of human beings. Any learning process includes 5 fundamental constituents.

Diversity. The human brain cannot perceive the same information all the time. In the long run, the learning ability drops and amounts to zero. That’s why a good teacher has to ensure that learning arouses students’ interest constantly. This can be achieved in different ways by presenting materials from various points of view.

Clarity. It is hardly possible to grasp incomprehensible and obscure information. Learning takes place if a teacher explains a topic clearly and directly.

Involvement. As we have already said, learning is not a passive process. If the student does not take an active part in the learning process, there will be no progress. In fact, the more interactive the learning process is, the more students will be successful in their studies.

Success. Why sometimes does the human mind overlook important information? Why do not we make an effort to understand it? The answer is that many believe it is not up to them to learn new subjects independently. Half of success depends on your mindset. Of course, a teacher should be the first to care about students’ success, but learners are the only ones who are responsible for the success of their studies.  

Similarity. We can learn only from those who we trust. In order to make sure that students take the information, a teacher must win their confidence. For this, first of all, it is necessary to stay honest and take care of students.

Having examined what makes up the learning process, let’s get down to the very point of our discussion and explore the ways to boost academic performance and get more knowledge within the same period of time.

1. Visual Data Are Welcome

Half of the human brain is used for visual processing. As a result, only half of the overall brain receptors are free to perform the rest of the functions. Vision is the most consuming sensor of the human body. This is the main reason why reading is difficult. The brain sees a text as a set of ‘hieroglyphs’, and it has to decode each one to get the sense of information. In addition, images and multiplication draw most of our attention, and therefore they serve a good way of representing information.

2. First, General Data and Then Details

If you try to remember a huge volume of data, this may cause a mess in your head. To avoid such a turmoil, try to connect new things you are reading about to those you know well. The human brain is based on the principle of recognizing general information first, and only then it pays attention to details. Try to arrange new knowledge on the shelves in your memory. This will increase your chances of keeping in mind what you need longer. You should consider your memory as a library. Hence, before putting something into the library, you need to define which subject it refers to. In theory, your neurons act according to this rule; they add new data to those that are already being stored in your mind palace. If exams are coming, and you are to remember myriad dates and facts, follow our blog to read about useful tips for exams:

3. Did You Forget about The Importance of Sleep?

Research showed that healthy sleep is a guarantee of successful learning. Those who have a long and regular sleep achieve higher scores in exams compared to people with poor sleep. Dr. Matthew Walker states that during sleep the brain is renewing its absorbing properties and prepares to gather new knowledge. Many people underestimate the importance of sleep and believe that it is enough to spend 5 hours in bad to refresh their mind. This is a huge mistake since this way of life usually leads to deprivation. Though the process of sleeping is not entirely explored, scientists determined the negative effects that are caused by sleep deprivation: irritability, memory lapses and loss, severe yawning, hallucinations, impaired immune system, the risk of heart disease, susceptibility to different disorders and traumas, and malfunction of human organs. The scarce sleep results in the poor cognitive activity: the ability to conceive new information decreases by 40%. As you see, long sleep and fresh mind will bring you more benefits than night learning. The most productive time for studying is day time when you are vivacious and full of energy. You can follow our blog to find out more about effective learning strategies as well as ways to achieve success:

4. It Is More Beneficial to Be a Teacher than a Learner

When you have to explain something you have just got to know, your brain processes the information more intensively while your memory stores more details. When people are aware of their duty to transfer useful knowledge to others, they are more diligent in learning. This pushes them to apply more efficient methods to establish reliable relations between various facts.

5. Apply Block Practice to Learn More

The method of block practice is very popular with people who frequently have to work with a huge volume of information. This approach consists in diving knowledge into blocks with subsequent remembering in a fixed period of time. However, there exists another method of alternating information. This technique is believed to be more effective since it rests on the brain natural ability to recognize similar and divergent features of things. You can apply either of these methods to prepare for exams or tests by alternating written and oral tasks. Also, you can order services from our academic editor to ease your studies.

6. Key to Success

Mental health is as vital as your desire to obtain an A-grade. For this reason, you need to create the best conditions so that your brain could work on full power. First, devote at least 7 hours a day to sleeping. Second, create the environment that favors the learning process. You should remove all things that arouse distraction. Third, keep in mind that your memory is the library, and you are allowed to store there only useful information with the most crucial one being at the first shelves. At last, if you are to be a teacher, learning efficiency is likely to enhance since your brain this way you are set to retain as much data as possible with their further transmission. Do not forget that you can ask our experts for assistance at any hour and order any suitable service, such as thesis paper writing or editing.

7. Learning Nature

Although learning is natural and necessary, it still requires conscious efforts. We must always stay active in the learning process since this is not a passive activity. There is a psychological principle that states that if a person does not believe that he is not able to absorb new information by at least 70%, he will not even try to make any efforts for this. If you are not sure of your success, turn to our essays and thesis rewriter who are ready to do everything for you.

At the first blush, you may think that learning is individual. But at the same time, we take over many things from each other. This is one of the principles underlying the concept of learning. Learning has an infectious nature. The infectiousness of learning is manifested in two ways. If a new man gets into a group of other people who find learning interesting and joyful, he will surely start to think the same way. On the other hand, if a group of people is bored to learn, it will be difficult for a new person to maintain his interest. Men are social beings. To live and work properly, we need those who can support us. This also applies to learning. It is an interaction with other people that can teach us new things.

We Mind Your Progress

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