How Cutting The Clutter Can Save Your Essay


Writing of essay involves several factors. It is necessary not only to develop a topic of your essay, but also to write it correctly. What does it mean? Students face with problem of clutter during doing their any paper. Clutter is additional phrases and words, which only burden the text of paper. These phrases and words do not make sense for the text and only serve as a “trash” in paper. Participants of university life consider if they write many words in their essay, they will do main task – required capacity of paper. The situation is quite another. Your tutor or professor wants to check not only your process of thinking, but also your literacy. Conclusion can be made about stylistic errors in your essay. It is mainly the job of editor to clean your text from clutter. By the way, services of our site include not only writing of assignments, but also checking them on mistakes. Team of makes qualitative editing of your any assignment. The main aim of this essay is in teaching of students from clutter’s avoidance in their papers. If you want to correct your mistakes on your own, this essay is for you. We do qualitative editing of your papers. However, here are the most common factors of clutter.

1. Do not attract attention to yourself in your text. Students very often use such phrases as “I understand” “I see”, “I consider” and so on in their texts. Take an obvious example.

E.g.  I noticed how development of photography influenced on scientists’ activities.

It does not have any sense for reader. This information can have the same meaning without your expression. The final version will be in following way – Development of photography influenced on scientists’ activities.

2. Avoid the construction of axillary verb + main verb, if you can successfully use only the main verb. Be cautious about the forms of the verb “be” and “would”, when they precede action verb. For example, instead He was doing his homework, you should say He did his homework. Instead King was conquering the lands, you need to write King conquered the lands.

3. Do not use construction “there is” or “there are” in the beginning of the sentence. In this case, student usually uses an axillary verb “be”. As you know, action verbs convey better sense in the sentence while construction “there….” just adds unnecessary words. The good usage of action verb instead of construction “there is/are” manifested in next examples.

E.g.  (a)There were many people working that company.

        (b) Many people worked in that company.

As we see in example (b), the sentence becomes more active. Students like to change the sentence in other way, like (c) Many people were at the company. However, it is not correct also. If we compare examples (b) and (c), we can notice obvious benefit of non-usage of construction “there is/are”. Just remember not to use this construction in the beginning of the sentence.

4. Do not put pronoun “it” in the independent cause. Favorite phrases of students with pronoun “it” consists of construction it + axillary verb “be” in proper form and it + main verb “seems”. Again, try to use action verbs. They make the sentence sound more active. Look at this example.

E.g It was unusual for him when he did such significant mistakes.

We can use common paraphrase. Such sentence turns out after paraphrase – He never did such significant mistakes before.  Replacement of the part of the sentence It was unusual for him and time clause “when” occurred with only two words “never” and “before”.

The same situation is with the main verb “seem”. Look at the example.

E.g. It seems that he lied me all this time.

Remember, that you should write in your essay about the actions or state of people and things instead of your expectations. Therefore, the final variant is He lied me all this time. This is the variant when you are sure that he is liar. When the situation is uncertain, you can leave original version and expanse the context.

5. Do not use two action verbs in one sentence if only one makes sense of the sentence. This is one of the common mistakes in the essay. Look at the example.

E.g. Nick started to suspect him from the beginning.

Beginning or end of the suspicions is not important for reader. The meaning of suspicions needed for realizing of the sentence’s essence. You should retain that verb, which is more essential for the sentence. You again should do paraphrase: Nick suspected him from the beginning.

6. Do not let construction verb + adverb, which expresses the verb in your essay. Students think that usage of adverbs helps sentence to sound better. However, it is not true. It is clearly seen in the next two examples.

E.g. (a) Ann carried heavily her suitcase to the bus stop,

                  (b) It was extremely important for him.

Ann cannot carry suitcase easily, because the weight of suitcase is always big. You should delete adverb heavily and the meaning of the sentence will remain the same. In the second example, you can also delete adverb extremely. The meaning of the verb “be important” means to be essential for someone. Adverb extremely just clogs your essay.

7. Be cautious with construction “that”. The rule says the following statement: imagine the sentence without construction “that”. If sentence does not lose any sense, delete it without doubt.

E.g. He thought that she would never forgive him – He thought she would never forget him.

8. Active Voice is preferable in compare with Passive Voice. Presence of Passive Voice’s constructions makes your essay difficult for reading. Therefore, use as more action verbs as possible in your essay. You should also remake the sentence from Passive Voice to Active Voice when you know about the subject of the sentence.

E.g. Telephone as a greatest invention for humanity was created by Alexander Graham Bell. Correct variant is Alexander Graham Bell created telephone, which became as a greatest invention for humanity.

9. Try to use not so many words, which only expanse the sentence. Additional words, which do not bear important sense in the sentence, are the main mistake of students. Be concise in expressing your minds. The sentence The main aim of this essay is to talk about global warming can be corrected in such way : It will be discussed about the global warming in this essay.


Dear reader, you can ask obvious question “How editing of essay can help you?” First, it helps you to write correctly. Second, you learn to express your mind concisely. Topic of clutter is common problem for any writer. It does not matter if you are student or professional writer. After reading this essay, you can realize why students need editing service. Team of presented you tutorial about cutting of the clutter. To sum up, three main advices are:

  • use Active Voice’s constructions;
  • be concise and use as few words as possible;
  • prefer action verbs in your essay.

Dear student, if you think you cannot edit your essay on your own, our company offers one of the best online editing services. Do not be afraid to ask us for help.

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