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Learning is a thorny path. It is impossible to seize laurels without making missteps. Any student who missteps is likely to face criticizing feedbacks. The way of taking criticism tells much of a person. It is easy to spoil relationships with friends, family, colleagues or a chief if you cannot accept remarks properly. On the other hand, if you disregard any comments made in your direction, you risk making the same mistakes over and over. Negative results are often a consequence of our inability to heed wrong actions we do. On the contrary, those who point us at weak spots can help find out which overlooked defects led to our failure. Today, our team of experts is going to explore how to respond to constructive criticism.

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Online Grammar Editor Explains What is Constructive Criticism

If you are okay with plaudits, flattery, and adulation but cannot stand sound criticism, brilliant success is not what you make for. If you strive to grow and develop, criticism can be a good source of your improvement. This is the main reason why everyone should be attentive to judgments of other people. If you treat it better, this can be a powerful tool for self-perfection.

1. What does it mean ‘to react well to criticism’?

This means not to take criticism personally as well as not to overstate it. Otherwise, critical remarks have a bad influence on your work and mental state. If you are said about your negative traits or drawbacks in work, it does not prove you to be bad. It is vital to realize that it is not you being subject to criticism but only the way you act or do something.

2. Criticism should be accompanied by advice

Since we are talking about constructive criticism, it implies that there is a way to get everything fixed. The process of correcting mistakes is an essential part of constructive criticism. This denotes that along with critical notes, a critic should provide a reasonable solution or at least advice. Those who have to listen to disapproving speeches should keep calm and self-confidence. It will be much easier for you to perceive criticism when you are tranquil than feeling off-again. When you are being criticized, and your critic is doing it with anger, you should try to separate emotions from valuable advice and recommendations. After all, sometimes, people do not hear valuable advice, being insulted by the critical tone.

3. Who dares to criticize you?

If a person who criticizes have achieved less success than you have, you should rejoice. Most often, these people just envy you or scold you for not being able to do what you already did. If you are going to react to criticism from these people, remember that this way you show that you care about their opinion, but you should not.

If you are criticized by a person who is better than you are, either this person is afraid that you will outstrip him, or he wants to teach you (for example, if this is your teacher). Criticism from competitors is a good criticism. However, the best criticism comes from your customers. Their criticism is worth paying attention to, and it serves the basis for any successful business. Our top article rewriting service receives numerous feedbacks from customers. We should allow that not each one is full of gratitude, but we are working to meet customers’ expectations and make all students satisfied with our academic services.

4. What to do if your professor criticizes you

If your professor is unduly critical toward you and starts any conversation with the critical comments, the first rule is to treat it with due calmness, even if these comments are unreasonable. The reaction to criticism should be as follows: at first, listen to all the comments attentively and give arguments in your support to refute criticism (records, documents, results and so on); then, suggest possible ways out of this situation, and go to another question. If you cannot complete some assignment or write a research paper, turn to our qualified proof reading academic service, and we will assist in settling any problem.

Keep in mind that sometimes people can be right. If several people think the same of you, maybe, the problem is not about them. Think about it. You should not react to criticism immediately, especially if you deal with impulsive people. If you are quick-tempered, wait a bit. Otherwise, you risk saying evil things in response. This is likely to offend pride of other person, which you regret later, for sure.

5. What is the difference?

American psychologists who studied the impact of criticism on the health and well-being of people came to the conclusion that the key difference between people who tolerate criticism well and those who after hearing the comment get exhausted is the attitude toward criticism. People who remain calm can fairly assess criticism and to decide whether it is a rational claim. Based on this, they can determine how to behave correctly. Meanwhile, those who do not know how to react to criticism do not understand its true meaning. They take any remarks close to heart and come to despair. In this case, it is vital to be able to control emotions and resists any stress. You can apply tips from our experts that are aware of ways to struggle with anxiety and other unpleasant emotions:

6. Rules to treat criticism better

In order to perceive criticism without any insults, our best grammar proofreader worked out a string of rules to follow. They

  • Any constructive criticism is useful.
  • It is harmful to disregard criticism as it drives problems deep inside and makes it difficult to overcome shortcomings.
  • It does not matter what urges the person who criticizes you, it is important that your overlooked error be found.
  • Any criticism is worth reflection: at least, you should think of what caused it, at most, how to improve the situation.
  • People striving for success and self-improvement should be able to identify a critical attitude to themselves and to their actions.

There is also one effective strategy for treating criticism well. When you are hearing critical remarks in your direction, try to imagine that these words turn into a simple text that you see on your computer screen. You should focus on reading this text, not the words and gestures of a person. This method allows you to reduce emotional influence and think more rationally. It is much easier to edit and analyze the written text than the flow of words and emotions.

7. Self-criticism

The worst thing about criticism is self-criticism, which is the biggest obstacle on any path to success. This way of thinking discourage people from any actions and make them feel unhappy. Those who begin to focus on their negative qualities stop moving forward. If you really started to criticize yourself, you should follow the simple steps because any criticism should lead to some outcomes.

  • As soon as you feel that you feel negative because of self-criticism, in no case should you dive into silly reflections.
  • Get distracted by something, go for a walk, or do other work. The main thing is to get out of this negative state.
  • Think about your best qualities, deeds, and achievements. Think about what you most like in your life. Remember all the good words people said about you.
  • Only after making all these steps you can criticize yourself. Criticism in a positive state leads to learning and not to degradation. Likewise, if the person who criticizes you is in a positive state, you will hear sound words of criticism. This kind of criticism can inspire you. It will be pleasant and not harmful to your dignity. It will show you how to become better.

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8. How to behave?

This way or another, any person would like to hear pleasant words in their direction. The words of praise inspire us to perform great deeds and make us more confident. On the contrary, criticism does have a bad influence on self-esteem, sometimes it is able to kill off our motivation to act and grow. The criticism itself does not entail big problems, but it can often arouse negative emotions that cause problems. We are used to the fact that we are criticized for what we did wrong, or that someone seem our actions to be wrong. Nevertheless, people are not perfect, and in any action and thought, one can find something wrong and unfair.

Our proof reading grammar experts know well that not each critical remark is worthy of your efforts. Stay calm and happy and listen only to those critics that are truly respectful to you. Do not hesitate and consult our free papers editing website to find more about opportunities we provide for students!           

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