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Rewrite an essay

For various reasons, it is better sometimes to paraphrase some document than to write from scratch. At the first glance, it is not a big deal, but once taken up it brings about unexpected impediments. Rewriting is not easy as pie. This is not about word for word replacement. You have to write a new consistent text, which reflects the same point. Moreover, you need to remember about plagiarism, which is regarded intellectual offense. If you need an original essay, you can just turn to our essay editing service, which is the top-rank figure in helping students with their study tasks. Our essay editing service can become your reliable partner and friend on the road of your academic development for long. Why is it us to co-work? Here is a string of indisputable benefits you will get collaborating with us:

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Just Tell Us ‘Rewrite My Essay’, and We Are Here To Help You

You do not need to fret over in what way to re-write so that your work remains unique and the same interesting. If you are a novice in this field, we are eager to assist you. No doubts, it is hard to be on top taking up writing for the first time. This is precisely why it is better to call our online editors for students. They are proficient enough to share their experience and reveal some essential secrets to succeed in your task. The following principles are essential in paraphrasing any documents. Follow them step by step to get awesome results. 

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7 Helpful Tips for Effective Editing and Proofreading

1. What is most essential?

Read an original material thoughtfully. Define what is the key idea stated in the text. If it is large in volume, divide it into parts based on ideas or assertions expressed by an author. Re-read the original text again and bear in mind basic points.

2. Put alluring prompts away

Once you have clarified what is the main idea, put the text off not to be seduced by looking into it when writing. This ensures you will use solely your vocabulary to paraphrase the information you have read, and this way the ultimate written work will be in your words only. Excessive re-reading or consulting can only hinder the process of rewriting bewildering you and mingling your thoughts. You can make some notes with basic information to be used further as the ground.

3. Get down to work

Now, it is time to rewrite your text. Keep in mind that the rewritten material should not be equal in volume to its original. You are not supposed to build your work relying on the initial text. The main emphasis should be put on the presented ideas. It does not matter in what sequence you describe them but how intelligible and coherent it is.

4. Use your head

It is not compulsory to look up a dictionary each time you take some word. First, there is a likelihood you may get baffled by numerous meanings and delude readers by choosing a wrong one. It is better to use common words but be sure each one is in the right context.

5. Simple but clear

You will achieve better results if you prefer simple but clear sentences. Certainly, compound sentences may make you look bright and intelligent, but simultaneously they can prevent from correct understanding or, in the worst case, lead to misunderstanding. So it is more advantageous for you to stay a follower of simple writing. Moreover, compound sentences require various punctuation marks, which are rarely chosen correctly. If you are willing to avoid dull mistakes and comma splices, simple prose is the right choice. You can use our blog to get more useful information, for example, more rules on proper punctuation usage:

6. Leave your thoughts for yourself

It is easy to get involved in the writing process and take the role of an author. Be watchful that the rewritten text should include only the given information with no assertions and opinion of your own. Do not forget that you do not deal with an analysis or review but your main task is to provide a paraphrased version of the original source.

7. Mind each detail

Let’s talk about the structure of your rewritten work. It will be awesome if you manage to arrange the information in your own manner. The same number of paragraphs or sentences does not point at good quality of work. On the contrary, it looks quite suspicious. The more your paper has in common with the source, the less success you are likely to achieve. If it is hard for you, here are top 10 techniques our experts share to help you avoid plagiarism in writing:

8. Nothing but uniqueness

If your rewritten paper appears to contain the same words as an author uses, you have a problem. The paper should leave no doubts that it is made in your own style only. You can either remove them or use some relevant synonyms if the information is crucial. But if you do with some quotation or direct speech, it is obligatory to format it according to your academic style with due consideration of all punctuation marks. This may be either your professor’s guidelines or specific academic guidelines, such as APA, MLA, and others. Besides, do not forget to add an author’s name you refer to.

As you see, it is easy to rewrite an essay following all these rules. Do not waste your time and try to use them.

If You Are Still In Trouble

If despite all tips mentioned above you stay unsure of your work to be worthy of A-grade, our service, which is mainly focused on essay rewriting, can provide you all necessary assistance in doing your tasks. Our rewriting essay online service has got a credible reputation and is popular with many universities and numerous students. You can rely on their experience and knowledge in full. You will have no problem once us to be chosen your main assistant. When it comes to our clients, your success is above all. For this reason, our essay rewrite company is constantly developing to be capable of meeting your highest expectations and severest requirements. You can study all types of services our talented editors and proofreaders provide and choose the best one which is particularly suitable for you.

At last

Stick to these rules to master rewriting fast and bear in mind that you need to focus only on content paying no attention to structural and lexical characteristics of the original text. It does not matter how much time it will take, but what effect it will leave on readers after. Do not scale sky-level heights since mistakes are inevitable. Regular practice will help you master rewriting fast and develop brilliant writing abilities. Good luck!

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