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Thesis editing

Research work is only half success when this is about your thesis. You have to provide a consistent and rational written support proving your qualification. To so extent, it matters not how bright you are but how much you can advocate your ideas. You do not need to possess uncanny writing abilities to speak for your findings. It is enough to be coherent and intelligible in your thoughts. Our thesis editing service can be your greatest partner on your road to academic laurels. Certainly, you make think of why you should allow us to take up your thesis work. First, you are a pundit in your field, and we are in ours, so why not to unite our efforts to achieve sky-high results? Second, there are a number of arguments proving we deserve your trust.

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Must-follow thesis edit rules to succeed

Good writing should be intelligible, brief and relevant. Besides, it is unequivocal and distinct. You should watch your words never get off the point.

1. Stick to an outline

An outline serves to fulfill two functions. First, it defines the structure your thesis should rest on. Numerous sections and sub-sections, which seem scary at first, turn out to be helpful later in aligning your thoughts. Second, it makes you sort out your ideas and decide which ones are essential to write down and which ones are better to omit. Before getting down to writing you should have clear ideas to state one by one. It is for this purpose your paper is to be subdivided into multiple parts.

2. One paragraph only for one idea  

It is a popular mistake to elucidate many assertions at the same time. This usually impedes readers from proper understanding of the information presented. One paragraph is to include one idea only. As a rule, it is desirable to start with a topic sentence and then other descriptive ones are given. If a topic is covered, and you are set to elaborate a new one, open a new paragraph. Our proofreading and editing thesis service can tell you more of how to structure your work.

3. Leave long sentences for another time

English requires the subject to be at the first place and the verb to be following strictly after. The further they are apart, the more complicated it is to grasp the idea of a sentence. It is obligatory to place them at the beginning. Moreover, do not neglect punctuation marks. Periods are necessary to put, where needed, to let others take your thread of thoughts correctly. Commas and semicolons are not so welcome in thesis works. Keep in mind that long sentences should be not your choice but necessity. 

4. Forget about passive voice for now

 Luckily or not, but the passive voice is outside the law in the thesis world. To date, it is regarded as a poor style. Besides, it is a crafty way to elude mentioning “who” is in charge of some act. The principal objective of academic writing is to elucidate cause-and-effect relationship. For this purpose, active voice suffices to explain everything clearly. Here is an example of transforming a passive sentence into active:

Passive voice: On the morning of the 23rd, the war was announced to be over by our commander-in-chief.

Active voice: On the morning of the 23rd, our commander-in-chief announced the war to be over.

You can always substitute passive sentences with active ones. There is nothing hard to do about it – just a simple grammar. If you are not proficient in grammar usage, our dissertation editing service is always open to sharing knowledge and experience.

5. Words to evade

The following words are likely to fade the clarity of your thesis:

  • Feel. Its basic meaning is frequently mixed up with the meaning of the verb think. To feel implies to experience some emotion. You see feel in its literal meaning will be irrelevant in your thesis, so leave it out and use proper words, such as conclude/believe/reckon.
  • Emotional words, such as astonishing, atrocious, exciting, outstanding and so on.
  • Adverbs, such as extremely, completely, very and so on. These words serve to define the level of intensity. Since you have to provide facts only, you can easily do without them.
  • Vague words, such as appropriate, good, something, sort of, a lot and so on. These have nothing to add to your thesis. Do not be hazy and remove it at once.
  • There is/ There are. The same is about these expletive structures that bear no particular sense.
  • It. Avoid this pronoun when you can substitute it with a specific noun.

6. Do not overuse quotations

It is a common problem when students use myriad quotations in their theses. Quotations should not be high in number. Otherwise, it leaves an impression that you lack your own thoughts and are unconfident of your research. Quotations are allowable in the following cases:

  • The fact you want to quote is so astonishing that each should be aware of where you found it.
  • The quoted part is meaningful to your research that you cannot but insert it in order to let readers follow your thread of arguments smoothly.

If quotations concern some well-known events or facts most people are likely to know, there is no need to put an emphasis on it. Miss it and get down to the point.

7. Do not overlook too simple mistakes

You will not have an opportunity to talk in person to each of your readers, that’s why your writing is sort of your face that is the main thing to make an opinion on you. You can be so focused on major aspects of thesis writing that usual mistakes will be unnoticeable. Read our blog to find out what mistakes are the most widespread and how to avoid them:

8. Formatting style is to remember!

Certainly, there are divergences between academic writing styles. Your thesis will look like differently depending on whether it is formatted per APA or Harvard, but there are common rules applicable to any thesis work:

  • The first paragraph of all sections and sub-sections should not be indented.
  • Bold is never allowable. If there is need to emphasize something, italics is preferable.
  • Do not mix up a hyphen and en dashes. They are not the same length and serve for different purposed. The former is put between numbers, and the latter indicates parenthetical thoughts within sentences.

You can find out more useful tips from our service following this link:

You should work hard to write a flawless thesis. Good writing requires, above all, thorough analysis of what exactly you need to state and in what way you have to do it. The rules mentioned above will help you to succeed in your academic studies and get a desirable academic degree.

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