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English is deemed the most important and one of the most spoken languages worldwide. It is an official language in 60 countries, most of which are former British colonies. Every year, thousands of people choose it as a second language to learn in colleges and universities. It is considered obligatory to know applying to a well-paid job. It is the key to open numerous doors. Have you even think of why it is the English language to have so many benefits? Why did it become so widespread? What is the reason it gained so much power? Let’s explore to find an answer.

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For now, let’s focus on why English is the most widespread language in the world and indispensable to study.

Our Academic Editing and Proofreading Experts Talk About Importance of English

1.  Not A Desire but A Necessity

English is not the most used language being preceded by Mandarin, it is the one you are likely to use in practice. Knowledge of English permits you to feel free in many countries, which gives you plenty of opportunities in life – let alone traveling across the world. This will save you from getting lost abroad since every other person is able to understand the simplest English phrases at any point of the Earth. Moreover, it allows you not to do without a translator. As a result, various exhibitions and visits to local restaurants and shops will be much more pleasant.

Besides, we should not disregard the fact that most spheres of human activity are directly bound to English speaking, such as airlines, international tourism or even cinema production. Hence, there is a necessity to be fluent in English to feel good at any place and under any conditions.

2.  A Better Career

Fluency in English provided that it is not your mother tongue is a sure sign you are an expert in your professional realm. Only the most diligent and goal-oriented people are able to master a new language in their spare time. Bilingualism is a huge merit despite efforts devoted to achieving it. Anyone with fluent English has stronger chances to be accepted to an upscale international company than monolingual rivals. It is the primary reason why English is frequently titled ‘the business language’. If you shoot for the sky, you will have a hard time without knowledge of this language. It is not only needed if you aim at working abroad. You will become a much more desirable employee even in your homeland. If you are applying to a job at this very moment, do not forget that you can use the service of an admission essay editing from our experts.

3.  Best Universities

Do you know what can make you closer to Harvard or Yale? Certainly, it is English. These are the first-rank universities thousands of students dream of annually. To be a member of their family, you are not required to be a genius in your academic field but English also. An international English exam is compulsory for all those, who are not native speakers but strive to study there. It is, therefore, better to start learning English from early years to get masterful by this time.

4.  Pleasure of Reading

If you know English, you can access to any masterpieces of the English literary heritage. Do not you think it is thrilling to read lines which were written by Shakespeare many years ago? If you prefer modern authors, you have even more opportunities to be closer to a person you deeply respect. Besides, a translated book always differs slightly from its original. Once tried you will not be able to give up doing it. At the same, it will boost your level of vocabulary as well as make your manner of writing sophisticated.

5.  Closer to Celebrities

You ought to know that the American film industry is a leader in the cinema production. Hollywood allows us to see acting of talented actors while English may let you enjoy hearing the voice of your lovely celebrities. Do not underestimate that the voice matters much in the way we perceive an image of some film character. If you are also fond of American pop music, English may help you humming your favorite melody together with Ariana Grande or Beyoncé. You will not be in need to google each time to see what they sing about.

6.  International Events

The most famous and high-sounding events are held in English though participants come from all parts of the world. The Olympics, as well as the Oscar award, require a good level of English to keep up with all details. Certainly, it is not compulsory if you are watching them on your sofa. If you are yet a direct spectator, you will not have a translator at hand to grasp what is going on.

7.  English Is Not Biting

There is nothing uncanny about learning English. Its grammar can be fairly called the simplest. This is why children begin studying it at the age of 6. The alphabet does not possess obscure symbols like Arabian or Chinese. Besides, it does not have special rules changing the way words are uttered. Hence, all you need for a start is to learn letters. In addition, the English language does not draw a line between formal and informal variants of addressing to people as “you”. You do not have to conjugate verbs or know whether it is a masculine or feminine noun to put it in a right form. Provided that today you can access to any movies or online courses of English, it does not take much time to master it. You may find this link useful to learn the most made mistake and how to elude them in further writing.

8.  All Knowledge Is at Your Disposal

Have you heard that the most of the information available on the internet is written in English? This means that the number of pages you may read thanks to your native language is totally negligible compared to English. Let’s recall that English is the first language of science. This opens you vast prospects for self-education and makes you partially independent. If you are set to make an academic career, then English is must-know for you. According to the Institute for Scientific information, about 95% of all articles are made in English. Hence, English is a straight road to all knowledge of the world. Follow our blog to keep up with all the latest news in the world of writing:

At last

It is a contentious issue whether English is a hard language. Certainly, its pronunciation is very crafty, and it does not suffice to know just letters to utter a word correctly. On the contrary, it can boast of many advantages, such as a simpler grammar compared to other languages and a huge number of internationalisms. Provided all the benefits it grants, it is worth all efforts required to master it.

Our UK original proofreading service can make your road to English fluency pleasant and smooth. We can teach you all refinements of English writing, to show how to remember the most complicated rules and boost your stock of words fast. Our writers are native speakers so they are the best one to ask for a help. Besides, they have vast experience in proofreading and editing since our agency work with both people who are not versed in writing and those who require a little advice. Keep in mind that you are the one to define the direction of our future cooperation. For this reason, we are ready to take up any of your assignments. This is only one more proof that brilliant experts are able to tackle any task.

A problem shared is a problem halved. You will achieve better results at any rate if you let others go into your affairs. Our reputation speaks for itself. You will never find a more devoted and reliable article editing online agency. So hurry up and contact us! We are looking forward to new and vigorous people.

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