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If you are not proficient in English but eager to master it, the best way to succeed in understanding it is reading books. Why should you choose exactly this activity? There are plenty of merits that reading can give you, in particular, if you do it in English. First, it is a great source of new vocabulary; second, this way, you get accustomed to the English way of thinking and writing; third, this is an awesome way to get familiar closer to the English culture. Do not get startled at the mere thought of it. It is not as hard as it seems at the first blush. Anyone can do it provided that they devote a part of their free time regularly to reading English novels. Moreover, with our assistance, you can go further and become a truly fluent speaker and writer.

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Proofreader Assignments Become Easier with Reading English Books

Among myriad ways to study the English language, we find reading the most effective. Certainly, you can boost your knowledge by listening to the BBC radio or watching British TV series, but yet reading outstrips them in positive outcomes. First, when reading a book you can use a dictionary to look up unclear words. Radio speakers, in turn, will not repeat their speech for you in particular so that you could hear distinctly what they are talking about. Besides, reading lets you get involved into the world an author creates as well as feel the emotions an author’s experience. The popular problem is that people usually start reading books that are too complicated. It does not mean they are only for native speakers. No, it means that if you are about to succeed in learning this language, you need to do I gradually. Otherwise, you will give it up because of excessive difficulties. For this reason, our best article rewriting service chose the best English novels that are not intricate to understand but are equally thrilling for both native speakers and beginners.

1. J.M. Barrie Peter Pan

The story about an adventure to Neverland is worldwide famous. Though initially, this book was intended for children only, it managed to charm both children and adults so those who are keen on mastering English will find it fascinating. The author narrates about an unusual boy, Peter Pan, who visit the Darlings every evening and listens to Wendy’s stories. Wendy is the eldest sister in the family and cares about her younger brothers. Peter offers the girl to fly to Neverland where only children are allowed. This land knows no responsibilities and duties. Boys play and dance all day and night long. For this reason, Peter Pan wants Wendy to be the mother for him and his friends, so-called the Lost Boys. The girl agrees for this adventure. She does not expect all hazards and escapades that wait for them. The novel is truly exciting and has found thousands of admirers in all ends of the world. By the way, if you take a literature course, you may be interested in the effective techniques of writing literature reviews:

2. Ernest Hemmingway The Old Man and the Sea

Though views on this story differ, this book is obligatory to read for all people, and is included in the curriculum in many colleges and universities. Hemmingway enchants his readers with the simplicity his writing style that are composed of only simple sentences. Nevertheless, his literary talent is irrefutable. The story about the old man is based on allegory that is ubiquitous throughout the book. For this reason, we should not interpret all the described events straightforwardly. Though Hemmingway’s prose is easy, we should remember that he is a master of the art of context. A fight between a fisherman and a shark lasted for eighty four days. His young assistant serves him support in this struggle and helps the old man grasp his luck. The parable is not abundant in events, but it remains dramatic and heart-pounding.

3. Jay Asher Thirteen Reasons Why

This novel earned a high award and is ranked in the NY bestsellers list. It is a good choice for those who are willing to boost their English knowledge and look for reading literature dealing with grave issues. Besides, Asher’s writing style is very simple and therefore allows readers to catch the sense of the book easily. The author tells about Clay Jensen who studies in high school. After returning from school he sees a parcel on the doorsteps of his house in which he finds seven tapes. They were sent by his ex-classmate Hannah Baker. Prior to, this girl had suffered from mental disorders which ultimately led to committed a suicide. Hence, by the time of parcel delivery she is dead.

The tapes contain orders which other twelve teens, besides this guy, have to follow. Hannah tells about her personal grieves and troubles. She provides thirteen reasons to explain what forced her to commit this act. The point is that if one from this circle of adolescents refuses to obey her, the entire high school will discover the horrifying truth of her suicide. If you are ready to dive into Hanna’s life and share her pain, you will not get disappointed.

4. Lois Lowry The Giver

This book steals your attention from the very beginning. Simple grammar and not advanced vocabulary do not impede understanding and allow you to enjoy reading. Though this novel is long, you will not see how you have finished this book in the twinkling of an eye. The main hero is Jonas. He lives in an unusual world where both children and adults abide strictly by the rules set for people. They have no right to vote or make decisions since their lives are programmed in advance. Jonas is an unusual person because his job is the Receiver of Memories. His task is to guard memories so that other people could not know about everything that occurred before as well as other possibilities. In the long term, John decides to change his world, unveil the truth and show people that they have the right of choice. If you appreciate anti-utopia stories, this novel cannot but gain your heart. By the way, if you are here because you dream of becoming a glorious writer, our blog is obligatory to read for you:

5. Madeline L’Eengle A Wrinkle in Time

This book is good for those who are skillful in understanding simple English stories. The author uses a rich vocabulary and different grammar structures. Be sure to have a dictionary at hand to look up all the words unclear to you.

The main character is a 14-year-old girl Meg. She is believed to be a loser. All members of her family have already achieved success while Meg has bad marks and is far from being perfect. Even her youngest brother is a genius kid. Once at midnight Meg was suffering from insomnia, and this urged her to go down. In the kitchen she finds her mother, little brother, and Mrs Whatsit, a woman living next to them, drinking milk. They are talking about a tesseract. The next day she with her brother and a friend visit the bizarre neighbor’s house. Finally, they get to learn that this woman is a supernatural creature, which steals kids and transfers them into the cosmos. If you take this book, you will discover plenty of other uncanny secrets that this tranquil woman hides.

6. S.E. Hinton The Outsiders

This story is short and intriguing. The target audience is mostly teens. Hinton’s literary style is simple, and you do not need deep knowledge to grasp the author’s idea. The author narrates an adversarial relationship of two bands. Ponyboy Curtis is at the heart of this novel and a member of the band called the Greasers. Once, he with his friends gets familiar with girls in the theater. Later, it appears that their boyfriends are their enemies. This triggers an ardent fight. In general, the entire novel is focused on adolescent problems, in particular, those with parents, love troubles and social difficulties. If you are not captious in reading, you will not regret about this decision.

7. Sandra Cisneros The House on Mango Street

Readers hear the story from the main heroine. Though an author’s style is descriptive, it does not prevent from easy understanding. The context is intelligible enough to clarify the meaning of obscure words. The very feature of this reading is that it is closely bound to the Mexican culture. If you have made up your mind to broaden your horizons, devote part of your time to this masterpiece. The girl called Esperanza is at the heart of this story. She with her parents takes up living in a new house located on Mango Street. Her parents are elated since they have finally got the home of their own, and they are free from renting from now on. Esperanza does not share their exaltation because she prefers living in a bigger place, even rented. Here, she feels cramped and needs more personal space. For this reason, she makes up her mind to leave parents’ house and start a new life. Reading this novel, you will go through numerous adventures as well as see whether Esperanza manages to make her dreams come true.

We Care about Your Personal Growth

You cannot imagine how many captivating books are waiting for you. This is not only the English heritage but novels of other countries and cultures either. This language can open you numerous roads because the most part of literature is translated into English first and foremost. No matter how old you are, reading is always encouraged. This way, you do not only advance your vocabulary but also develop your soul. Books show us brilliant examples of human mistakes and warn about negative outcomes we may avoid.

If you have found this post useful, you are likely to find our best proofreading 24/7 service useful. We provide help for students who are only on the road to their excellence. Sometimes, it is truly hard to manage some tasks since practice makes perfection. But what to do if you lack experience in some subject? We are here to assist you in doing study assignments. Generally, our team of experts helps students in proofreading and editing at home assignments, but we can meet any requirements to lead you to success. Visit our cheap proof reading website to submit your paper!

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