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The essay is one of the most popular tasks at school or university. And because of it, before you give your paper to your professor, you need to be sure, that the paper was checked enough. If you wish to find more information about proof reading service 24 hour, you can place the order on our site and you will get the assignment proofreading service essay in the shortest time. You can be sure, that you will get your paper on time and our professional writers will exceed your expectations.

Usually, the proofreading is used for the checking the text, after it was written or translated. It means, that the person should change all grammar and orthographic mistakes. The proofreading, it is the checking the shape of the text, but not its meaning.

The most important thing is, that the proofreading can be done only by the people, for which the language, which the essay is written in is native. The price on the proofreading depends on the quality of the text, which you provide us with.

Here you will be able to see which factors are very important in the process of the proofreading and how our professional proofreaders work with them.

9 important features of the proofreader

  1. Be flexible

It is needed to understand, that every translator has his own style and because of it you should not change anything in the essay, only if it does not improve the whole picture. In this case you are able to change it. Our writers understand this fact and if they make some changed, they do it only for improving the whole work. We understand, that every person is unique and has its own point of view, because of it, we will not change every word, just because of the fact, that it can be written in the other way.

  1. Check the details

Even if you think, that the text is perfect, you should check it. Never send the text without checking, because you can miss the only mistake which was there, even if the text looks perfect. You can be sure, that our writers newer send you the text, which was not checked. We will check every sentence and will think a lot if it is possible to improve it in some way.

  1. Be honest

If the translator did the great job, just accept it. Our writers can honestly say, that the paper is very good, they will not lie to you. We provide only high quality service and we value every our client.

  1. Inform the client

If you got the paper and need to check it, but the paper has a lot of mistakes and is not translated correctly, it is needed to inform the client about this fact. It gives the opportunity to the client to send the essay to the translator again or to order the new paper. Our writers understand, that everything depends on the client, but they will do their best to inform him about the situation with his paper.

This situation can have a big influence on the deadline of the paper. Just imagine the situation. You got the paper and you should check it. But you can see, that the quality of this paper is poor. You understand, that it is better to write the new paper and if there is the deadline, it can be very difficult. Because of it, you should contact the client and explain the situation. The solution of this problem will depend on the client.

  1. Write the short essay about the quality of the translation

This essay will give the opportunity to the client to see your point of view about the translation of the essay. Our writers always write 3-4 short sentences to express their thoughts about the quality.

  1. If you criticize, just be objective

You should not use the words like “terrible” or “awful”. You should understand, that when you criticize the essay, you criticize the translation, but not the person. Our writers just write a few constructive sentences, where you are able to see the main mistakes of the translator.

  1. Just understand

If you see, that the text was very complicated for the translation or the theme was too difficult for understanding, just imagine yourself in the place of that person. Yes, sure, that the translator should understand, which work he/she does, but all of us should understand each other. Our professional writers always analyze every text a lot and provide the client only with the constructive critic.

  1. Show the examples

For example, if you see, that there is the incorrect word order in the essay, just give 2-3 sentences as the example. If you are sure, that the translation of the text was done via Google translate, just check your thoughts and provide the client with the example. If you do not have the examples, it can be just your empty thoughts. This fact is very important if you wish to inform the client about the poor quality of the translation.

  1. Check the experience of the other people

It is the great opportunity to borrow the experience of someone, who is better than you. For example, you can use some ways of the translation, but your friend uses another one. It will be great, if you have a better experience. Our writers always find something new and improve their knowledge.

To sum up, you should understand, that the proofreader plays the important role in checking the essay. He is the final person, who checks your essay and after that you get it. It is not too difficult to check it from your side, but you can be sure, that if you have any difficulties, you can contact us any time you wish and we will be glad to help you. You can just place the order here and wait till it will be ready.

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