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With the advent of reading devices, paper books began losing their popularity. Fewer books are sold in bookshops; fewer people are willing to attend libraries because it is faster and easier to download any information from the internet. Nevertheless, there are people who are adherents of paper books only. They believe electronic books will never be able to outstrip the merits, which a usual book possesses. Today, our company of editing and proofreading services is going to find pros and cons of preferring e-books instead of traditional ones.

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What is better: E-Book or Paper Book, elucidate editing proofreading services experts

This issue is quite contentious. It is difficult to give a genuine answer at once. We need strong evidence to draw on. We are going to provide reasons in favor of both electronic and paper books to find out which ones are truly more beneficial.

Merits of E-book

  1. It is convenient. E-books have the ability to store large amounts of information on small-sized media. This permits to take several books at the same time, even Ulysses and War and Peace.
  2. It is environmentally friendly. Paper is used to produce paper books, which means that trees are destroyed on a mass scale. On the contrary, one small electronic book contains an immense number of pages, saving the whole forest from cutting down.
  3. It needs no lighting. Electronic books have their own backlight. If suddenly, the light has been turned down in a house, this is a good reason to take up the e-book.
  4. It has the ability to make notes on margins or bookmarks. Besides, you can find a required part of a text with the help of a search engine as well as refer to dictionaries. In general, the e-book provides more opportunities to interact with a text, which cannot be spoiled, unlike the paper one.
  5. It has the ability to embed media (video, audio). This is a good addition to encyclopedias and educational literature.
  6. It has the ability to change the font and size of letters, which allows people with poor eyesight to read without glasses.
  7. It is easy to recover a lost book. Any book can be downloaded from the Internet or copied from a friend.

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Drawbacks of E-book

Whatever alluring e-books are with all their merits, there is yet a string of shortcomings with which e-book admirer have to put up. Our proofreading editing services experts have distinguished the inevitable ones:

  1. It is unreliable. It is at higher risk of breaking than usual books. Only one crack, and goodbye for hundreds of books collected on all the back streets of the Internet, bought on websites and downloaded from friends. When we slobber tea or drop a paper book into the bath, it is only one that suffers. Unluckily, after one such incident with the reading gadget, the entire library can disappear in a blink of an eye.
  2. It may be of low quality. This drawback is not what you have to face each time and has a temporary nature. Not every person reads e-books on the Internet. It happens that after downloading, you see that your book is a scan of a paper source recognized in FineReader and never edited. Yes, most likely, this will be eliminated later. Nevertheless, now and then, you appear to read cubes, hieroglyphs, and areas of unreadable text, which is a tough deal.
  3. It is inconvenient to read. Yes, it is easy to carry e-books with yourself, but it is not very convenient to read them. Many people get tired even reading with the help of super-convenient and advanced e-books while it is hardly possible to get tired of reading a paper book. In addition, you receive more eye strain reading from a glowing screen in the dark because of the contrast created by the difference in illumination.
  4. It is fine. All books on electronic media are the same. They have no individual cover or paper. For this reason, all the information read on electronic readers becomes a continuous unstructured flow.

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Merits of Paper Book

After clarifying pros and cons of e-books, it is high time to explore why paper books are more attractive despite their age. Our proofreading and editing services experts from the USA know why a paper book stays always advantageous:

  1. It is unique. Each book is unique because of an individual cover, the texture of pages, and a font. Therefore, they all are different to us, and jointly they create a whole world.
  2. It is easy to read. Information is better to read from a paper source. There have been conducted experiments designed to compare the reading speed and the depth of information retention using different media. We are not going to quote figures, but the studies confirmed that paper books have a significant advantage in this matter. Why? The answer lies in the previous paragraph. In the course of reading, the brain tries to create certain hooks, or "anchors". When we are dealing with a paper book, these anchors are the color of a cover, the format of a publication, the type of pages, smells, the location of a text, the presence of pictures, and so on. Based on all these characteristics, the brain creates a certain image in the head that helps to find out the necessary information in memory. In the electronic version, all the texts look the same, so the brain has nothing to catch on, except for the data itself.
  3. Reading a paper book, we experience emotions more vividly. Again, this has been confirmed in the experiments. Scientists have investigated the physiological reactions of the body and in particular the activity of the nervous system in reading paper and electronic books. In the first case, these reactions were almost twice as high.
  4. We will not understate such nuances as the smell of book pages, the pleasure of buying a new volume in a beautiful cover, looking at the books on the shelves of the home. All this arouses plenty of pleasant emotions, which e-books are not able to give.
  5. By the way, the home library encourages children to read more than an e-book does. Series of colorful images evoke curiosity, while the use of gadgets is limited to games and social networks.

Drawbacks of Paper Book

  1. Paper books are heavy. Today, many people find time to read only on the subway or train. On the road, in turn, it is difficult to carry a weighty volume.
  2. Paper books take up a lot of space, so their number in the house is limited while electronic ones can be collected by tens of thousands.
  3. In the paragraph above, it has been mentioned that electronic books are eco-friendly. On the contrary, paper ones have a corresponding shortcoming since wood is needed for its production.
  4. You have to buy a paper book. No other options. An electronic book can be easily downloaded for free.
  5. If a friend asks to read a paper book, you risk to see it no longer. Electronic books can simply be copied, and you should not be scared that your friends will forget to give them back.

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Ultimate verdict

Thanks to our proofreading and copyediting services, we have run a thorough research on which book is better: e-book or paper. Now, it is time to sum up.

The answer depends on circumstances. Both e-books and paper have their own merits. For example, on the road, it is better to take an electronic one. For those who live in a rented apartment or often move, this is also the best option. However, at the same time - what could be better than a cozy reading of a paper book having a cup of cocoa with a cat at your knees? Is it lovely to wander between the bookstore shelves in search of your future favorite novel? It does not matter what you have in your hands - an electronic or paper book. This is a matter of personal preference. Indeed, whatever carrier you use to receive information, in any case, you receive it. It is important that you find time to read since reading has plenty of benefits.

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Do not give up reading

Well-read people are less likely to make a good career and get a high salary. Besides, reading books strengthens the health of the mind and mitigates eye stress even better than music or walks. The benefit of reading is an indisputable fact. What should do those who do not like to read? Perhaps the problem is the lack of the habit of reading. The secret is that the well-read people become enamored of books thanks to their parents in a deep childhood. Those who do not have such a useful habit will make all efforts to get accustomed to this activity. This issue is grave. It is not enough just to buy the first book you see. Try to understand which genre is most suitable for you, or you can find some useful books for your hobbies or personal development. At last, you can check out top readable books, for example, the list of top 100 books from BBC everyone needs to read.

Coming to the point, we should state that as electronic music cannot substitute instrumental one, or as television cannot displace theater, the same is about electronic books, which will never kill paper ones. It is only for the better because this way we become richer and happier.

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