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Editing college admissions essays

Higher education is indispensable for those who aim at working for upscale international companies, but a few countries can boast of competitive educational institutions, which are really capable of providing their learners with relevant and applicable knowledge. For this reason, many students prefer to do their studies abroad. This decision has a reasonable ground. First, most developing countries have a weaker educational system compared to the European or American one. Second, even talking about Europe or the USA, the number of students keen on being admitted to high-rank universities exceeds the number of available places. Our proficient essays editing company conducted a study and made the list of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

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Students in Need of Admissions Essays Editing for College Will Benefit from Our Service

For now, let’s boil down to business. We are going to find out which US universities are ranked the best in 2017. You may ask why we are reviewing only American educational institutions. The answer is that the USA is one of the leading countries supporting multiculturalism. Americans are the most tolerable nation towards foreigners. For this reason, the USA is truly a lullaby for people coming from abroad. It is well-known that an academic degree obtained abroad is a straight road to working there. We, therefore, introduce you the list of the first-rate universities.

1. California Institute of Technology

Though this Institute teaches a small number of students (less than 3,000) compared to others, it nevertheless can boast of 34 Nobel winners. It is located in Pasadena, Los Angeles, and is able to house all students in campuses. There are six main faculties of which the leading are engineering and technology. Apart from Nobel awardees, CalTech also greet politicians as well as public advisers who do affairs connected with energy, science or technology. The Institute composes four houses, each having individual traditions and history. As a rule, freshmen live in one house which constitutes one fraternity. This university is the leader in the number of students pursuing a PhD degree. Besides, if you are fond of American TV comedies, you are likely to know that fictional characters from the Big Bang Theory are studying at CalTech.

2. Stanford University

Situated not far from Silicon Valley, Stanford University is one more supporter of technology development. Those graduated here are successful enterprisers who usually start their own high-tech companies, for example, Google or Snapchat. It is a stunning number, but the total revenue made by Stanford alumni amounts to about $2.7 trillion annually. The university history is not less fascinating. It was founded on the land of Palo Alto Stock Farm. That’s why it is frequently called “the Farm”. Moreover, Stanford can equally boast of its picturesque view. It is believed to feature the most delectable campus worldwide. Students here enjoy splendid sculptures in gardens and have an opportunity to visit art museums. No wonder, this university is a prestigious place. Only about 5% are admitted to study here. You may be interested in our blog, which tells about tricks to become the most successful student:

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A long-life adversary of CalTech, MIT is also famous for its solid entrepreneurial views. MIT alumni founded many companies, the most prosperous of which are Intel and Dropbox. Students in MIT are free to choose disciplines to study. Engineering and computer science are in the most request. The acceptance rate is not much higher than in CalTech, only 8%.  Nevertheless, it is an international place; about 11,000 students are foreigners from all parts of the world. MIT takes the fifth place in the total ranking of universities.

4. Harvard University

This university has reigned on top for years. Established in 1636, Harvard is the most ancient higher institution in the United States. It serves the shelter for about 20,000 students. Though tuition is rather high, Harvard has a financial fund allowing many young people to do their studies here. The Harvard academic library is biggest in the world. It is composed of 79 individual libraries. Many renowned personalities can be proud of being Harvard alumni, in particular 150 Nobel winners and 60 current billionaires.

5. Princeton University

This educational institution is an honored member of the Ivy League of which establishment is dated back two centuries ago. This university encounters many private clubs, which serve both students’ houses and dining rooms. However, not all clubs accept freshmen at once. Some require to pass a competition to become a member. Princeton houses only 8,000 students. The campuses are set not far from New York City. All students pursuing an academic degree have to conduct an own research, and foreigners also need to prove their skills in English. Among Princeton alumni you may know talented scientists John Nash and Alan Turing.

Which One to Apply To?

If you are adamant to get an American higher education, our list of high-rank universities is worth considering. Your Alma Mater defines your further career opportunities. A strong education ground is a huge benefit for your CV. This will contribute to your wage, experience as well as mindset. If you have just left college and are at the crossroads, be mindful of your choice. To date, even not every other is able to afford to get an academic degree. Sometimes, the reason is financial impediments; other times, it is due to the lack of good educational institutions and the inability to move to worthy ones. Higher education allows you to realize your potential in full and helps find the right road to follow your dream. It is a guarantee that your future will be solid and balanced. So before submitting documents, weigh all pros and cons, and do make the right choice you will never regret about!

Get Your Benefits in Time

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