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Proofreading services are created for the final text quality check. This means that a specialist with a fresh look reads the complete edited text. He/she will notice the remaining mistakes, correct the semantic and stylistic shortcomings. Correction of the text allows eliminating the errors, omissions, and typos. In this case, the specialist corrects special notations, abbreviations, makes names in the same style.

Why do we need proofreading? What is the responsibility of the proofreader?

They are:

  • Remove grammatical, morphological and derivational errors.
  • Check the syntax, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Ensure that the text has been issued in accordance with the requirements, settled in the task.
  • Correct errors in layout and evaluate the formatting of the future text.

An experienced proofreader gives a literate text. If you ask what are the services of an experienced proofreader, the answer in one word - LITERACY. Proofreaders also help to create e-books from classical ones at a high-quality level.

Proofreading services cost different in different countries or states. Dissertation proofreading cost is even more dependent. We will speak about it in a few minutes.

Any articles, publications, and books have punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, etc. Moreover, when you see a bark in the text, it is as unpleasant as a fly in a soup, or as if a violinist in an orchestra has falsified. A false note hurts hearing, and a mistake in the text hurts an eye. To make it not happen, it is important to order proofreading of the paper – this is exactly what we are doing day by day.

At first glance, the services of the proofreader and paper editing online for modest prices are completely replaceable with "Word" and other programs with spelling check. However, it is not so simple. Correction of the text by a professional cannot be replaced with any machine service, because it does not know how to read the typed. The proofreading is the ultimate step of editing. Its purpose is text without errors, easy to read.

Also in this section:

The work of the proofreading specialist consists of two stages of verification: correction of errors, typos, and punctuation. The text proofreading assumes also the verification of the text according to the standards of formatting put in the task of the customer. If you want the material to be worthy of its author, claim solidity and cause not only interest but respect - trust proofreading to professionals. Thus, it is very important to know proofreading rates per page and how they are built.

On the complex path from writing to releasing the text, there are many stations and half-stops. There are large "stations". For example, editing a text is a period when a work acquires, in fact, one more author. The editor works closely with the material, gives it a finished look, collects all the meanings together, draws the line. If it is appropriate to say that the author of the text is its parent, then the editor is a teacher, a mentor.

Correcting errors in the text

Were you holding a book with errors? I think yes. Mistakes are not uncommon now. Freedom without restrictions and rules reigns everywhere. Online writing is no exception. Not all universities or other institutions are strictly related to the quality of the produced works. If the author does not want to order proofreading - welcome! But will the result be worthy?

Everyone has become accustomed to mistakes in the newspapers. So in fact? In electronic editions, errors are not so annoying. Downloading, reading, mistakes notice ... Virtual space, what to take from it? Gradually we get used to low-quality publications, as they have become something similar to synthetic food, polluted air ... It's very sad. Read about it more and compare:

Another decisive argument to the author of the text, which wanted to save on the services of a proofreader. You should know in which order (ideally), long and painfully proofreader works with the publication, so not always you can find qualified paper editor online for cheap. Proofreader takes the manuscript for proofreading after the literary editor. And not only checks the errors but places proof-marks. There are corresponding standards for this.

Example of proofreader operation

A professional proofreader chooses all "fleas". Sometimes he "catches" editor’s some omissions. This completes the proofreader's work on the material. The second proofreading goes on the signaling instance before sending the text to the final instance. This is a general inspection. After it, even the author does not touch the text.

There are very literate people with an excellent education among the writers. They write without errors. Before you bring the text to the final instance, you must check it in the program for automatic error recognition. They resolutely reject the proofreader... How do you think, are there any mistakes in such texts? Alas, yes. Very much! A good writer and a good proofreader are two different professions. Everyone must do his or her job. Proofreading is a whole complex of corrections aimed at improving the quality of the text, as well as the process of removing inaccuracies, mistakes, shortcomings, and typos - we are professionalizing the text for you.

How does proofreading differ from editing?

Text editing is a correction of stylistics and content errors, as well as verification of the correctness of the use of terminology. A proofreader is responsible for ensuring that the text conforms to the norms and rules of the language.

The editorial revision includes:

  1. Breakdown of the text into chapters, paragraphs
  2. Decrease the volume of the text without losing its meaning. Reductions, insignificant phrases, similar facts, unnecessary figures and details, irrelevant data, unreliable information are reduced.
  3. Literary editing - bringing the text in line with the stylistic norms of the language. Elimination of shortcomings in content (violations of thematic unity, consistency, consistency of presentation).
  4. If necessary - an adaptation for a certain audience

Proofreader revision consists of:

  1. Removal of typos.
  2. Correcting the errors of word consequence, such as the bad order of new wording formation and the connection of the word parts, also such a necessary service to revise my essay
  3. Removal of linguistical mistakes - redress of an erroneous arrangement of linguistic shapes (shapes of the case, number, declension, brief shapes, etc.).
  4. Syntax checking - redress of the inaccurate conjunction of syntactical units (sentences and phrases), correction of wrong agreements, lack of conformity of sentence parts, correction of mistakes in word order structures, improper use of participial turns.
  5. Checking the spelling (spelling), i.e. rules for the designation of sounds by letters, the use of capital (capital) letters, the rules for carrying words, the rules of hyphens, merging and separate spelling of words.
  6. Checking the punctuation - the use of punctuation.

These and more options show you the obvious reasons for proofreading importance. Still not sure? Read more here

Average proofreading rate per 1000 words with spaces can vary in range from 3 to 20 USD depending on the country, the complexity of the text and other factors. In general, it is the same proofreading cost per page.

Possible discount for volume:

  • from 100 thousand characters: 10%
  • from 300 thousand characters: 15%
  • from 500 thousand signs: 20%

A possible margin for urgency: when speeding up the order fulfillment in 1,5 times the cost of services can be multiplied by 1.3. When accelerating the execution of the order twice, the cost of services is sometimes multiplied by 1.8.

Extra charge for complexity: when calculating the cost of proofreading complex texts, on average the cost of services is multiplied by 1.3.

Your text falls into the category of "complex" if it is:

  1. Saturated with special vocabulary, terms, proper names, neologisms, links (all of this is subject to verification)
  2. Requires adaptation for a certain audience (for example, conversational style needs to be changed to an official-business one, etc.)

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