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Editing is what every student is faced with after the first draft of an essay is ready. While reading the draft once again, students might notice that the paper is not organized properly and is not structured according to the requirements. Here is where a good paper editor would come handy. Nowadays, with the development of digital technologies, everything can be found in the internet, including editing services. If you want to make your essay shine, we strongly recommend you to use help of an online paper editor. The task of an editor in this case would be to make the transitions between the sentences smoother and to correct the argumentation within the paper as well as check the text for grammar and stylistic mistakes. It is advisable to look for a paper editor online in case you are dissatisfied with your work and want it to be better organized and better structured.

Our company provides a full range of editing and proofreading services to those students who think that they will not cope with such a task on their own. The process of editing an academic paper goes through several levels, including content, structure, citations, clarity and style. Our editors carry out the editing process on all of these levels. Here is a list of functions performed by our experts:

  • Our paper editors first of all look at the content of an essay. In this regard, they try to answer the following questions. Has the author done the work according to the requirements? Is the evidence given in the essay clear and accurate? Does the essay follow the requirements for argumentation and are the arguments consistent and complete? Has the author supported every issue with well-grounded evidence and is the information provided in the essay relevant to the general goal of the author? The task of a paper editor is to clarify all the above questions in order to make the content of the paper appropriate and well-structured. Every argument in the student’s essay should be supported with some proof, while the thesis statement should correlate with the conclusion. If all steps are followed, it would be right to say that the paper has proper content and meets the academic requirements.
  • Another goal of our editors is to make sure that the essay has appropriate conclusion and introduction. The editor in this case tries to answer the question of whether the thesis statement is stated clearly and accurately in the introduction. This will ensure that the overall structure of the paper is correct. Besides, each paragraph in the main body of the essay should be somehow related to the thesis statement. At the same time, the paragraphs need to be rearranged in the logical order for the paper to be better organized. Another question faced by our editors is related to the transition between the sentences and paragraphs. If you need to check the organization of your essay, you will have to make the reverse outline after the completion of the initial draft. But if you don’t know how to do it, it is always better to leave this task to the experts working for our company.
  • The structure within each paragraph is also thoroughly checked by our editors. Our experts make sure that every paragraph has an accurate topic sentence. Besides, the task of our editors is to ensure that all the paragraphs follow one major idea of the author. If some sentences are missing, the gap needs to be filled in. At the same time, if there is too much excessive information within the paragraph, the extraneous sentences should be eradicated. In such a way, every paragraph needs to be thoroughly checked by the editor to ensure that the story within the paper flows smoothly and logically.
  • Clarity is another level of the editing process. All terms and notions used by the author should be clarified for the readers to understand what the student wanted to tell them. In case some terms are unclear, they should be substituted by more accurate concepts. Every sentence should also be edited not only to find some grammar errors, but also to make sure that the content of one’s writing is easy to understand. One of the ways to solve this problem is to read one sentence at a time. This will simplify the process of essay revision. Another way to complete editing of sentences is to read the text backwards in order to be able to fill in the gaps in the previous parts of the paper. All this is performed by the professional editors working for our service. The task of our experts is also to clarify whether all the pronouns within the sentences refer to definite individuals or things. The wording in this case is also important. An editor generally tries to answer the question of whether all the words have been properly chosen to express different ideas within the text.
  • The final part of the editing process includes checking the formatting of citations and references and proofreading the style of the paper. As for the style of an essay, the ideas should be expressed in a proper tone, either formal or argumentative. There should be no unnecessary words or phrases and the strong words should not be repeated without a decent reason. As for the citations and references, an editor makes sure that all the quotations are properly cited according to the requirements. They also need to have correct format, which refers not only to quotations, but also the list of references at the end of the paper. In some cases, the formatting stage of the editing process makes all the difference, so an editor needs to make sure that everything is done impeccably.

In case you don’t want to experience all the hardships of the editing process, you can always order editing and proofreading services on our website. We are the most professional essay revision service available, so you can be sure that your paper will be edited to the letter. We employ only professional and competent editors who are able to deal with any kind of writing assignment, while our pricing policy is always a pleasant surprise for our customers. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn how easy it is to edit or proofread a paper with the help of our essay editing service. We have thousands of returning customers who entirely trust our experts.   

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