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English and grammar check. Make it fun

English, being an international language has quite simple grammar rules, comparing to Japanese or Russian languages. However, a lot of English learners struggle with grammar worldwide. I can personally point out to the simplicity and strictness of English grammar; it makes it even more universal.

Here are some interesting facts about English grammar:

  • English is the language of grammar exceptions. There is even an exception when talking about an exception.
  • English has one of the biggest amounts of tenses, so much that different sources say different numbers. The most accurate one is 26.
  • English roots come from North German and Nederland's as a lot of grammar constructions are similar.

Why is grammar important?

There was some endless number of boring hours we have spent struggling with some grammar rules, while teachers kept saying it is deadly important. Needless to say, that proper grammar check is the key factor to the success in any type of writing. It is the basics of any good grade for a student and any bestseller for a writer, as no one will consider the information to be serious if it is written in an incorrect way.

Let's start with the basics: language itself as a main tool of communication. Did you ever hear some foreigner desperately trying to explain or ask something knowing almost no English with the broken grammar, like "name New York? Where taxi?" etc. It does not sound good to an English native speaker. Even though an anglophone understands foreigners with bad English the level of communication is still worse; foreigner cannot explain his or her thoughts properly and native speaker can't understand everything he or she wanted to say or ask. Though, even English native speakers sometimes make grammar mistakes while talking or writing; and when they do so others immediately notice it as it is not something they have used to.

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Why does grammar even exist?

This question is not as simple as it seems. In the past, I asked my classmates the same question: "Why do we need grammar to communicate?". They shrugged in confusion and so did the teachers. Such is a human nature. We have a tendency of skipping things that are obvious or close to us and focusing on the distant things and topics.

At first, surfing the web I noticed a lot of negative comments under some posts on grammar and punctuation mistakes. People were even rude or ignorant when pointing out the mistakes to an author, though no doubt the semantics of the article remained untouched. Indeed, why would you bring so much attention to something like grammar mistakes if it does not keep you from understanding the meaning of the words?

I know that everything in our culture was made for the survival purpose in its major. Spending almost 30 minutes on a research has done its magic. I have found out several key factors that have influenced the issue. The first reason is purely historical or inertia of the human development chronics. Starting with the stone age and the drawings on the stone people needed some agreement to communicate. So, they invented some specific symbol that means "tree" for example. Agreement kept people together and helped to communicate. Coming back to nowadays, everyday's life is rapid and stressful. Speaking simply: the survival depends not on the physical strength as it was in the far past, but on the ability to comprehended big amounts of information. It is true that information is power, especially nowadays. Now, this is exactly why it is so important for the survival of a modern person to speak and to hear a language without grammar mistakes.

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Scientists are curious about the mechanism of a brain learning process, as the main purpose of the brain is to learn. New things need more time for the brain to process, old "bits" of information need much less time for the same procedure. For example, 3-year-old baby that learns how to read will make some effort and spend a lot of energy on it, while an adult spends much less energy on the same task earning greater results. It is all thanks to the ability of our brain to memorize and to adapt. The same thing is with the skill of communication. The better you know something the faster brain processes data. Grammar rules are intuitively familiar to the brain and it needs less time to identify and to understand what has been said. Just as in the wild nature: often time saves life as it is all about the speed of reaction. A modern world is all about the information and the speed of language recognition makes a whole lot of difference. Grammar rules help to understand language faster as it makes a speaker to say words in a familiar to a listener's brain way.

I can understand the anger of many people when it comes to grammar ignorance. It doesn’t necessarily mean that those people are just haters that are jealous of other's success, it can be so but not always. Sometimes it just means people tend to value their time more as the "universe spins faster and faster". To get understood clearly by others and save your precious time use one of the most effective grammar proofreading service ever!

Why do some people ignore grammar?

Some people might get very angry thinking now of those ignorant people and it is reasonable, though we should keep in mind that the survival social law will revenge those who do not appreciate other's time. People with low grammar skill tend to get fewer job invitations, likes in socials media etc. Answering the question, a lot of different factors need to be included.

First of all, the low level of education among some social classes and in some countries and regions.

Second, it might be a modern wave or tendency not to appreciate grammar rules. For instance, one of the factors that immediately catches your eye when considering slang is partial ignoring of traditional spelling rules: gonna, wanna, I ain't jokin etc. This, in my opinion, helps young folks to highlight their independence from the older generation and the freedom of their mind. While, on the one hand, it might meet some misunderstandings among the elder generation it can actually save time when pronouncing words. I guess it depends on the surrounding where some grammar mistake is being used and the purpose of it, some surrounding will understand the meaning of a grammar mistake, some won't get it. It is still better to be always grammatically correct with website that fixes grammar. This source will make sure that your request: “check my essay grammar” meets the perfect fit!

On the other hand, we can face just the opposite side of grammar ignorance is "Grammar Nazis". These are the people who are obsessed with the proper grammar usage and that hate everyone who "grammatically misbehave". They will not look at your strong sides, instead, they will hate you forever if you make even small grammar mistakes. Yes, it looks somewhat like sexism, racial prejudice, discrimination against women etc.  If you make a mistake and a Grammar Nazi notices it then you are already dead. To be safe from Grammar Nazis use this service to correct mistakes. Get 100% accurate English grammar check.

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