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And, please, stop worrying as thoughts influence our mood greatly.

How thoughts affect our life

Every our thought is like a spark of a great flame. If this spark flew into the void and did not find a suitable place, it quickly fades. If supply the spark with the necessary dry chips and inflate, it will turn into a full-fledged flame. So are our thoughts. They do not affect us and the world around us much when they are weak and fleeting. But if we are thinking about the same thing for a long time, we want it, we keep an idea in our head for a long time, if the concentration is very strong, it shows the influence of thoughts on reality after a while.

That is why those who are seriously engaged in consciousness practices, can implement almost everything from what was conceived. Life itself leads them along this path, an opportunity is given, unexpected means are available, someone offers help. All circumstances are in favor of the desired idea. Because the power of thought and concentration were great and they influenced our life.

And, on the one hand, it's wonderful, it opens a lot of perspectives for the person. But there is one remark that reveals the other side of the medal of how thoughts affect our lives. After all, life embodies all thoughts and ideas, regardless of whether they are good or bad, desired or not. A person can constantly think about something depressing, because he/ she is afraid of something or is simply pessimistic, and this obsession, long cultivated in consciousness, also strives to be realized. And one day it happens.

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What our thoughts influence

Our thoughts can influence many things: our life, attitude, our health, external circumstances that are successfully or unsuccessfully formed, on consciousness, our actions, the relationships of other people to us.

Sometimes, you think, I met such a phenomenon. If you are zealous about something, especially if the thought is very emotional, then a person close to you can suddenly say it out loud, as if taking the words out of your mouth. This is a vivid manifestation of how thoughts influence our environment.

Optimism and pessimism

Did you notice that people who say that they have "this is bad, it's bad, it does not go out there", these people really do get out of hand? We noticed that the pessimists have more than joyful ones of sad situations. Pessimists are constantly concentrating on negative ideas, which become reality sooner or later. Optimistic people, on the contrary, turn their full attention to the most joyful and desired thoughts, therefore, it seems (and in fact they do), more joyful moments come to their lives.

Now you understand why it is so important to watch not only your actions but also your thoughts and emotions. They form our reality, our life. Some more interesting hints you may find in this article

This understanding, of course, can lead to a dead end. Not only that you need to control your actions, so also you need to think appropriate way. Yes, it is more difficult work the internal one. But, if we form a certain habit, a way of life, this will cease to be difficult. This will be our way of being, in which we shape our reality with our thoughts, as a healthy lifestyle. It's difficult to go to, but if it was successful, and you have already grown together with this way of life, it seems natural.

But, there is a very practical and interesting side to this phenomenon. Because correctly concentrating on your ideas and thoughts, making them strong, we can significantly change our lives, embodying what we want. We can realize dreams, build relationships, change all existing negative situations with the help of our thinking. This is a wonderful and effective tool for every person.

For now, it's worth making one more remark. We must always remember the interconnection and harmony in the world. Any of our actions and (as we have already understood and thought) have consequences in this world. And if there are good intentions on the basis of our actions and thoughts, which are aimed at helping and serving people, then this mood returns to us in our life. Like a boomerang.

True, it can return to a completely different sphere. If we use some methods and practices that basically involve selfishness or, worse, neglect and oppression of other people, then this same energy returns to us. The balance in the world is observed surprisingly accurately.

For example, a person thinks not very well about his /her relative. And, at some point, he/ she is suddenly betrayed by colleagues in business, they leave. Where is the connection? And he/ she seemed did not do anything wrong to anyone. But the thoughts were negative, long and stubborn. But he/ she received a response from the universe in a reciprocal lesson, where the person him/ herself was not treated well.

This is a primitive example, often all these connections are completely invisible. You may not even understand why some misfortune has happened in your life. Sometimes, it is very difficult to know the reason. Therefore, it is simply important to understand and accept that we are responsible not only for our actions but also for our thoughts. They create our reality and influence the future.

How thoughts affect health

In fact, we meet with how thoughts influence and manifest themselves in reality very often.

  • Placebo

I think you know the common medical effect of "Placebo" or the effect of auto-suggestion. It has a physiological basis.

If we strongly believe in the effect of some kind of medicine or method of treatment, then a high concentration on this positive action can lead to our brain actually starting to send positive signals to the organs and systems, as if the cure had occurred. This is especially true for chronic diseases.

  • Psychosomatics

Psychosomatics is a direct consequence of the reflection of our thoughts in reality. Life with constant negative emotions, aggressive thoughts gradually affects the state of our body.

Constant systematic being in the field of negative emotions destroys our organs and systems over time, more often, over the years and as a result it causes the serious diseases, often in the oncological, nervous and cardiovascular system.

Practical recommendations

As we have already understood, in order the influence of our thoughts and desires will be useful so that we can change reality by the power of our mind, we must observe several rules.

  • Try to switch to positive thinking. Any negative thoughts and emotions, even directed at others, destroy us. Therefore, follow the course of your thoughts, think and dream so that it will have a beneficial effect on your life
  • Watch your emotions. Do not let external circumstances cause a negative in you. After all, a negative emotion destroys you. Do not save negative in yourself, this is the most destructive way.
  •  Share more positive thoughts. In an alarming situation, play favorable scenarios, present the most successful resolution. In each situation, think about the options for good outcomes. With willpower, stop the "mental chewing gum about what to be, if..."
  • First imagine each of your important actions in the mind in a colorful and pleasant light, anticipate the best options.
  • In thoughts and, especially, aloud, reduce and eliminate mental parasites: unreasonable emotional criticism, gossip, discussions of personality.
  • Think about the good, wish good and your life will become brighter!

The main thing in this matter is the harmony, the completeness of the state. It's hard to be happy when it's worst when the unique potential inherent in every person is not realized when it's painful and bad physically (although some are capable of it) or morally. But it is even more difficult when there are no close people nearby, when it's bad for them when your activity is of no use to anyone or does not benefit when what you do is meaningless and aimless. Then, first, you need to help yourself, get yourself out of this state. Basically, we are able to reach a deep level when we comprehend and taste happiness for ourselves. But some are capable of more.

Those who try to approach the question of happiness from within, from deep convictions, they understand that true happiness is in harmonious development, in love with other people. All this is possible only when your thoughts are in harmony and you are in a positive state. By the way, such people achieve success much faster. Just as a bonus. And selfish happiness does not bother a person who tasted a much sweeter fruit of harmonious, ecological, deep happiness.

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