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Usually, students try hard but there is not always the sense of the right direction. How to understand that you move the right way and how to distinguish the effective learning techniques from those which are not. High-quality quick essays editing service shares the thoughts on this topic.

Inefficient learning: the main features.

You often feel a sense of hopelessness, laziness and apathy when you need to learn something, to master it. Are you frightened and stupefy that you need to learn a new discipline, a program on your computer, a new device or equipment? One of the possible solutions is to hire us to proofread your paperwork, we can help you cope with the difficult tasks.

There are people, who are, on the contrary, completely curious about everything new, and start to learn the new things with great pleasure. How? They have eliminated inefficient learning from theory and understood how to learn new stuff quickly and easily. In this short article, let us share the thoughts on inefficient training.

In this article, we want to dispel some of the myths that have developed over the years of the standard education. These stereotypes do not allow us to learn quickly, to grasp any skills rapidly.

Inefficient learning: 4 key features.

1. First, there is the theory, then there is the practice. Or, first, there is the practice, then, there is the theory.

How are we used to it? We study the whole theory: how, what and why is done, what underlies the practical experiments. And then we just start practicing. This is how the most of the classical school and university disciplines were built.

The main problem with this type of education is that the graduate has a huge amount of knowledge, but he /she does not know how to apply them in practice.

There is also a reverse approach when they explain to us what to do, but why it is needed and what processes behind it are worthwhile, they do not tell us. Many business trainings, personal growth trainings, courses, and seminars were built this way.

Such an approach gives quick results, good effect, but the lack of a fundamental foundation and understanding of the essence of the skill limits the formation of our abilities within the framework of this course or training. You can not continue self-education without the help of a coach. To develop further, you need to constantly attend training courses.

This type of training gives a fish, and not a fishing rod, to catch this fish. Of course, this model is very beneficial to trainers and experts, because they earn on the fact that you stay with them.

Each of the approaches is good in its own way, but it has drawbacks, however, both methods are inefficient training, none of the models gives a skill how to learn.

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2. Skill training occurs by unnatural examples or non-existent isolated elements.

Let's say you are trained in blind printing. How to do classical training? You train first to combine the letters KL and GF, practicing the actions of only the index fingers. Then, as you train, the new areas and other fingers are added.

But, many people do not know or do not take into account the feature of our process of cognition. Our brain is designed so that the FIRST formed samples are the most firmly fixed by us. What kind of pattern will you create with such speedy writing? A sample of work with two fingers and a large number of letters KL and GF. This pattern settles in your head. And then you are re-trained every time. With each added letter and every added finger, you are retrained. And to rewrite the formed patterns is more difficult than to form the correct ones immediately.

The same situation is with any computer program. Let's say, you want to master Photoshop. How are the courses organized in this topic? General principles of work, tool brush, how to work with it. A pen tool, how to work with it. And so on. Each tool is discussed separately, in isolation from the goal.

But the collage or drawing in Photoshop is created quite differently. First comes the idea, and then chosen tools and techniques for the design, combinations of techniques that can accomplish the task. Usually, the student who has studied the tools does not understand how he/ she can use this tool for a specific task.

The unnaturalness of the formation of a skill makes it difficult to use all the knowledge gained. We trained on simplified training tasks and we do not understand how to solve the real problem. These kinds of tasks are easily corrected with the affordable proofreading help for students. Visit our page to find out what services you need.

3. There is no real living logic of decision-making in the classical training programs, that is present in the experienced person.

What is the difference between an experienced person and an inexperienced one? Even if a little- experienced specialist has received a greater education, he/ she can be absolutely helpless before the task, compared to an experienced person.

For example, there is a complex equation. You do not even know which side to approach to this equation, where to begin to solve it from. An experienced person understands it by the form, by the peculiarities of the equation, what type it relates to and what solutions are there. An experienced one has an internal logic or a model by what he/ she moves.

The same can be observed in other areas. An experienced designer immediately determines what methods are needed for layout and what structure of the page would be the best.

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An experienced lawyer knows the ways of possible solutions in describing the situation.

What does unite them? Understanding and applying the logic of reasoning and decision- making. For today, in any training programs, there is either a complete absence or lack of display of this internal logic. A trained person receives mountains of scattered information that he/ she can not use in solving the real problems.

4. The absence of the whole picture.

Teachers and trainers do not give a complete vision of the entire discipline taught. We can not build new knowledge into our personal knowledge system, which means that we do not understand it well. We do many unnecessary actions and mistakes, which only confuse us and complicate our training.

For good mastery, it is important to see both the picture in the distant and in the near future, to see the interrelationships of the studied material with other spheres and regions. To understand the rapid and remote consequences of the phenomena under the study. It is easier for us to master the material and it is easier to learn at high speed.

These errors accompanying ineffective training are observed very often.

Inefficient Learning: Teaching Mistakes

The lack of consideration of the students’ individual characteristics of the perception

We are all different, we perceive information in different ways. Very conditionally, we can divide everyone into visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and digital persons. A person of a certain type mostly perceives information from one channel. It is the trigger. Some have visual images, some have auditory ones, movements are for others, some have logic and system.

In teaching, it is important to take into account the availability of all types of perception in the learning group of people. Try to give information in each modality, so that each of the learners perceives information at his/ her level.

It is good to compliment the well-structured lecture with informative visual materials, practical experiments that require manual work and movement. This seems to be a simple conclusion, understandable and well-known. But when you attend real lectures, trainings, seminars, you see that they are all far from the principle of four types of perception.

It is sad to listen to a webinar or lecture and not to see images, diagrams before your eyes. For the visual, it is hard. And some can not understand anything until they do it all with their hands.

Lack of attention to general intellectual skills

It is difficult to perceive the new information. It is quite hard to read, remember and understand a new area if you are not used to it, if the thoughts are slow if everything goes with great difficulty.

Every teacher, trainer, consultant who engages in any training that gives knowledge, transfers his /her experience, has to give the basics of intellectual activity. Otherwise, learners do not step forward, it is difficult for them to absorb the amount of knowledge, and also to assimilate and apply them.

Such skills include:

  • speed reading
  • memory development
  • fast typing
  • methods of working with information
  • methods of strengthening attention
  • work with mindmapping
  • planning and time management skills

Even the partial immersion in one of the areas gives the significant results, effects the overall performance of the intellectual work.

The problem of setting goals and motivations for the instructor.

This only point can turn education upside down. If the instructor has a strong motivation, then no matter how bad the learning process was, it certainly will not become ineffective. Having a strong motivation, even a bad teacher and a hopeless program will give results. But if there is no motivation, then nothing will be able to help, ineffective training is guaranteed to you.

And the problem is not motivation itself, but that the students do not always realize it or do not have it, and the teacher (trainer, lecturer) does not consider it necessary to create and energize listeners' motivation.

If a teacher is somehow hit by weakly motivated students, then this is a challenge to the teacher. It is important to think about how to get the students into the topic, how to make them absorb program.

Check out any training you are currently taking: higher education, courses, trainings, personal counseling, master classes. Are there any of the above errors?

We are sure, it would be much easier for you to understand the difference between the effective and inefficient learning process. In turn, the copyediting and proofreading company is always open to assist you and make your learning process more productive. If  we receive the request from you: “Proof my essay, please”, the answer will be: “Yes, we will!”

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