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It is very popular to order the assistance of English paper editor nowadays, and it is quite logical and understandable. This is the great opportunity to improve your writing and your grades at the same time. Our editing company is well-known for the best team of professionals and high standards of the assignments performed. To check our services and choose the one or more than the one you can visit our page. Today we want to share some useful tips on how to become the successful learner.

Do you want to be successful in the 21st century?

 Then you have to learn all your life. Today, to study independently is not a problem: you easily may find the variety of the online courses lead by the best teachers. The choice is almost unlimited. The self-control and self-discipline is the issue. How not to be languid, don't put off preparing and get self-training with delight? One of the possible and correct answers is to use the excellent copyediting services on our site if you need help with all sorts of writing tasks.

Knowledge is the main driving force of modern society, a source of strength and competitive advantages in work and life. However, the traditional education system is less able to meet the growing human needs for relevant knowledge and skills. As Camus said: “The school is the place where we are prepared for life in a world that does not already exist.” Even the best university can no longer give students the knowledge that they will have for life. Every 5-10 years their specialties can be changed beyond all recognition. Social networks, smartphones, the energy revolution, large data, these are just some of the phenomena that have changed many professions and spawned new ones over the past 10 years fundamentally.

 The times when the training was only a childhood and youth stage in the life of a person end. Now, to succeed each of us needs to learn throughout life. But for this, at first, you will have to master a skill that is not taught in schools and universities: learn to study on your own. Surely, you need much time for that. There is a good news for you. The cheap editing & proofreading services can give you the opportunity to get plenty of free time. All you have to do is to ask our proofreader to help you. Yes, it is that easy. It is the best solution to delegate the part of your tasks to the real professionals.

The myth of talent. Fixed thinking and growth thinking

The theme of learning something new is covered with a huge number of myths, the most common and harmful of which is the myth of talent. Its essence lies in the fact that success in studying a particular case depends on innate ability, a talent that can be developed or buried.

The modern science of teaching completely refutes this myth. It turned out that even the level of IQ is only slightly correlated with professional success. However, the myth of talent is not just misleading us, it actively harms our ability to learn and improve. How to outdo oneself you may find in this article.

In this regard, Carol Dweck, a researcher at Stanford University, distinguishes between two types of thinking: fixed thinking and growth thinking.

People with fixed thinking believe that their successes are predetermined by innate abilities. If a person lacks talent or intelligence, this can not be changed. Individuals with this type of thinking are often afraid of making a mistake, failing, because, from their point of view, all this demonstrates an inherent lack of abilities. That is why they avoid complex tasks where can be a risk of failure, and do not accept any negative feedback because any criticism can completely undermine their self-esteem. The professional proofreading editing service frequently meets with this problem and knows how to help. So, do not hesitate to contact our site and feel support in the problematic situation.

People with growth thinking, on the other hand, are sure that everything that a person reaches is obtained through hard work and persistence. They consider the failure only as another opportunity to draw conclusions and hone their skills. Such people are not afraid of tasks outside their comfort zone, they do not lose temper at the first failures and are always happy to receive feedback, even if it means being ready to accept criticism in their address.

For effective learning, even more than in any other business, it is important to adhere to growth thinking and avoid fixed thinking. Nevertheless, our customers are of different types of thinking and they all are glad to order editing proofreading services, as they are sure of the best result.

Seven Rules for Successful Learning

1. When you make an effort towards the studying, surely you will have the more reliable and fast result. One must attempt to ingest new aptitudes and capacities. Learning, acquired without exertion, resembles engraves on the sand, there will be no follow left of them soon.

2. We accomplish stable change just when we can quantify our advance. A man is inclined to deceptions in surveying the adequacy of his/her progress. When in doubt, we overestimate our triumphs from the superficial acquaintance with the material and misconstrue the pace of our advance. To stay away from this, you have to continually screen your advance with a goal estimation: tests, an assortment of standardized skills checks and trial tests for self-examination which are usually placed at the end of the book will permit assessing our advance in preparing.

3. Established school-college techniques for arrangement are insufficient. Reading of texts and mechanical cramming give nothing. These methods don't constrain us to strain our mental abilities, yet essentially make them tired with a dull redundancy.

The basis of learning is the act of remembering. There are two effective techniques of remembering.

  • The first is a deferred recall: write the question on the one side of the card, on the other, write the answer to it. First, you need to study the contents of the card, then, in a day, try to remember it. If you answered correctly, it can be postponed for a week until the next repetition. If you make a mistake, you should repeat the next day. The longer the chain of successful recalls, the greater the interval should be before the next repetition. This system is especially popular for studying foreign words. However, with the help of simple cards or even the most ordinary handwritten notes, the system of deferred recall can be adapted to study almost any subject.
  • The second, the extremely effective technique of remembering, is the mixing of themes and types of tasks. If you are studying English, do not separate your learning into grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills artificially. It is better to study them at the same time, alternating one activity with another. If you solve different subtypes of mathematical problems within the same topic, mix them up so that each time you have to think about exactly what subtype of the issue you are dealing with.

5. Think of the problem before you will be taught how to solve it. Try not to read about how another legend of management saved his company. First, think about what would you do in this situation. No matter, will you find the clue or not. The idea that you have made the attempts, have tried to "reinvent the wheel" before you get a ready answer will instill the confidence and give the opportunity to solve the problem faster and deeper.

6. "Visual" or "auditory" styles are the myth. There is no serious proofs or any scientific evidence that confirms their existence. Moreover, research indicates that it is easier and faster to remember the new information in the perception that the maximum of sensory organs and various associations is involved. And this is quite logical because knowledge is being constructed.

Many people think that our memory is an empty container and we simply fill new information until it is filled to the brim. However, this concept is deeply mistaken. In real life, new knowledge is always added to the information that is already kept in our memory. It is worth learning a habit of explaining to yourself a new and complex stuff via the old and simple one. When you face a complex and incomprehensible idea, be sure you try to find a simple analogy or metaphor for it that will help you catch the essence of something new.

7. You should try to find the fundamental rules and the basis for solving problems, and not just memorize the facts or memorize the procedures for solving specific issues. Such fundamental principles that can be used to solve a variety of problems in various fields of knowledge are usually called mental models. A classic example of a mental model is evolution: natural development, the movement from the simple to the complex, which is slow, but inevitable. Each of us is more or less familiar with the notion of biological evolution. But what if we run into the term "star evolution"? It is not familiar to us, but knowing the mental model of "evolution", we can easily guess that it seems to be about a natural, slow and inevitable change in the state of the stars. And we will be very close to the truth, although we heard the term for the first time. The more mental models we own, the faster and more efficiently we can understand new ideas and concepts.

How to make yourself learn on your own

Books, free online courses and other available sources of quality knowledge are now available in abundance to all comers. The more difficult question is how to motivate yourself to self-study and finally finish those two dozen books and online courses that you have already wanted to go through long time ago. Try to follow three simple proven in practice, tips.

  • You need to learn a little, but regularly. If you are considering when it is better to take an online course, on weekends for several hours at a time or every day for half an hour, then the last option is optimal. The breakdown of the learning process into small sessions creates a sense of rapid success and motivates you to return to learning the next day.
  • It is best to study independently at the same time under the same conditions. The habit is the second nature, and regularity is the key to success in learning. Having developed the habit of studying at a certain time, it will be much easier for you to stick to regular classes.
  • Self-reading books and passing online courses deprive you of an important incentive in the form of social pressure: if you abandon training, unlike traditional education, no one will know about it, neither the teacher nor other students. It is important to create the social pressure for independent study: tell about your plans to your friends publicly, join a training group or organize it yourself, discuss and comment on the process of your learning on social networks.

Hope our advice will make your life easier and more interesting. The professional English editing service has many options for you to feel the scent of life, everything you need to do is to order the best proof reading company. We realize how important to have all your papers on time that is why the English proof reading services usually deliver the ready papers before the deadline and that is one more of our advantages.

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