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Today we want to talk to you about the lack of time problem and the ways to cope with it. Nowadays we meet lots of information. The speed reading would be very handy under these conditions.

Training in speed reading: the main features

Some may ask: “Why do we need speed training?” Let us ask: how many unread books are gathering dust on your shelf? And how much would you like to read, but do not reach your hands?

In our time it is the norm of every successful person to read quickly. The question is how to learn the methodology of speed reading easy and quick. Someone learns it for months, someone is afraid to proceed, because he/ she heard a lot of unflattering about the techniques, they are often completely groundless. There are many myths about the speed reading and it is good to get to know them before making the decision. Here are some of them.

1. "Speed reading is a superficial, diagonal, sketchy, incomplete reading. And I need to read and understand everything completely but do not run around the top."

Speed reading is, above all, a flexible, intelligent approach to working with text. And its flexibility is that you determine how you need to read: on top or deep, snatching out parts or deepening in the text. Both can be fast. Yes, that's it: you can read deeply and quickly and understand well.

2. "If you read quickly, you will not understand much."

The speed reading allows not only to read quickly but also to understand qualitatively. Our brain thinks faster than the average person reads. The brain perceives thoughts quicker than speed in 150-200 words in a minute. That is the average speed of reading of the untrained people. We only need to tighten the speed of reading to the real speed of thinking, and then we will understand even better.

3. "It's hard for me to concentrate, I'm flying away with thoughts. Speed reading will not help me."

You will be surprised, but it is precisely the speed reading that will help concentrate and not fly away with thoughts. Everything follows from the previous point. The brain thinks faster than we read, it's boring, it's hard for it to wait, so it starts to be distracted, to think further. After all, the mind needs not letters and not individual words, but meanings, ideas. While we get to the end of the sentence or paragraph to understand the idea, our brain is able to think about ten other things. As soon as the speed increases, there is no time to distract it, attention is focused only on the text.

4. "I do not need speed reading, but something else. After all, I do not understand and remember texts. "

Speed reading is a complex skill that will allow you to develop all the abilities to work with texts. You can not really learn to read quickly and do not improve the quality of memorization, these are processes that are linked together.

5. "I tried reading diagonally, storming and other techniques, but this is a poor-quality reading."

It is important not to be confused: there are techniques and exercises for developing the ability to read quickly, but there is the process of reading. You do not need to read your literature on the principle of assault or diagonal.

6. "I tried to study books, nothing helps. All this is nonsense"

Tell this to those who have already learned to read faster in 2-3-5-10 times, they will laugh. There is no "vitamin fast-reading", drink one and read quickly. It is necessary to practice but the result is worth it.

7. "Only the elite can read fast, ordinary people do not get it"

Yes, there are unique people who read 200,000 - 500,000 words per minute, that is, several seconds at once. And we, mere mortals, do not overpower this. But you can read 2-3-5-10 times faster than the average person. These are not sky-high figures, but the rate of speed of our ordinary thinking.

What can we say? This skill is needed. And there are several options, each is good in its own way.

Self-learning speed reading for free

There are a lot of books, articles and open courses on the vast expanses of the Internet. Now everything can be found, free of charge and legally.

What is good in this version?

  • Such training in speed reading will be very economical. Most of the materials will get to you for free or for little money if you buy books.
  • You can choose the methods and exercises that are right for you.
  •  You can choose a comfortable mode of training when you do not need to rush, keep up with the group, go somewhere or wait for webinars. There are no external influences: you do it when you can.

The advantages are substantial. If you organize yourself well, if you have strong motivation and willpower, then this option, of course, suits you just wonderfully. However, there are two key disadvantages of self-learning speed reading:

  • My experience, as well as the experience of my colleagues, shows that self-study gives a good result very rarely. Most people are even disappointed in learning to read quickly, trying to do it on their own, because the result was simply zero. Some note a slight increase in speed, that of course, is good, but not worth the effort. There are only a few who get serious, that is, at least 3-4 times increase the speed of reading. And I know such people only by words. Personally, I did not meet a person who received such results from independent training.
  • Weak motivation. Speed reading is a skill that can be practiced through exercises. If we can learn general approaches and attitudes about reading from books, then we often do not have the strength, time or desire to exercise. It's so easy to miss training because of "more important things", it's easy to give up, just after you start. This is typical for any type of independent learning.

Training methods of speed reading: offline programs

Live group classes give the excellent and, opposed to the independent method, very effective result in the training of speed reading. That is when you come and are trained by a qualified coach.

What is good about this method?

  • High probability of a good result. An experienced coach can bring you to a really good result and increase your speed of reading and understanding the text. Time and money, in this case, will not be wasted.
  • You will have an excellent external stimulation. You will need to manage to work with the group, carry out tasks, exercises. In the company, it is always easier to find strength for exercises and it is more difficult to find excuses. Many of us need little kicks to move forward.
  • Handouts of live courses are an absolute plus. Many people are much more comfortable with having the notebooks, techniques, tables and other printed materials in their hands than to read everything from the screen of the monitor. After the courses, there are often a lot of materials you can train yourself at home.

Disadvantages of this option, of course, there are some.

  • High price. The price of the live courses consists of work of the trainer, his/ her team, cost of materials, rent, the equipment and so on. Of course, this significantly increases the cost of participation.
  • The inflexibility of the training regime. You need to come at a certain time, to a certain place. In the case that you miss a lesson, as a rule, you can not have it again or postpone it.
  • The inflexibility of the program. Since at the live events classes are held in a group, an individual adjustment to your speed is almost impossible. The coach can not also change the program for you, pick up individual exercises or remove sections that are not suitable for you.

Learn speed reading online

Distance learning speed reading combines the advantages of previous options in many ways.

  • A good coach has a high probability of getting a good result
  • No need to go to class, everything can be done at home
  • Distance courses can be viewed in a record at a convenient time. This flexibility is very necessary in the modern conditions of a dynamic world.
  • The cost of such programs is lower than similar offline programs
  • External stimulation, as coaches and curators periodically monitor your progress, prompt. You work in a group, communicate with other students. All this gives additional motivation.

There is a selection of speed-reading courses from various authors. You can read and choose a teacher who is suitable in spirit, style, and cost. But even this type of training has some drawbacks.

  • There is still no individual approach. Such a complex skill as the ability to work with information is difficult to teach in a large group, you need an individual approach and individual solutions for each person.
  • There are no printed materials from the distance courses, and many of us are more comfortable working with printed, not electronic versions of workbooks, texts, tables.

What is the most convenient learning option for speed reading?

Having tried different options, I settled on individual distance learning. And we think that this is the most convenient format for each student. Studying according to the individual program you get:

  • All video lessons, webinar entries, intelligence cards, tables, special texts for exercises and many other materials.
  • A special training plan, which is detailed in steps and even days. You can focus on it as a base, but independently adjust for yourself, learn lessons at a convenient time. Flexibility is quite important.
  • A coach will follow you, help, answer questions and stimulate in individual work. You will have individual support and assistance.
  • If you see that it is necessary for you to get the maximum benefit, it is possible to adjust or change the exercises if they do not suit you.
  • The cost is similar to distance courses

All this is done so that you get the maximum result so that training would be productive for you. We hope this article has helped you make a choice in favor of this or that option. Each of them has its own characteristics and only you decide what is best for you.

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