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How to think clearly and quickly and relax your brain when it is tired?

With a high level of technology development and everyday interaction, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep our mental abilities in an optimal state. We are tired of information overload, we lose our ability to concentrate, we are torn between tasks. We are confused and looking for ways to help us with paper proofreading. During these rush times, it is the best writing editor, who can advise the right decision. But even during these hard times, even with a large number of cases with a high degree of importance, we can think clearly and quickly. For that, you need to have a rest when you feel the mental fatigue accumulates inside. To find time for this, one needs to delegate the part of the tasks, for example, the written ones, to the copyediting and proofreading services. It is important to do it competently. Check the reasons to choose the best professional service.

Speaking of the way to relax the brain, you may find many possible solutions. But! Not all the ways are good. So, let's look at how to relax the brain, to think more clearly.

We understand that every new tool should be periodically cleaned, lubricated and repaired, as well as every new technique is supposed to be re-tested over some time. As the clothing is repaired and sewed in order to serve us for a long time. As to our health, we try to think about it from time to time instead of constantly maintaining it at the proper level. We understand, that it is necessary to eat healthy food, do some physical exercises sometimes, conduct a healthy way of life. But, we do not have enough strength, time, and sometimes knowledge to maintain our intellectual health. It is extremely necessary to maintain it at the proper level as well.

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How to relax your brain: 5 basic rules

  • sleep
  • meditation
  • beauty watching
  • spiritual experience
  • information relaxation

This is the very true and accurate combination of factors. Now we will talk about this in order, based on the knowledge and experience. We are going to find out why these factors allow resting our mind and thinking more accurately, clearly and quickly.


Amazing and extremely useful processes occur in our head during the sleep. While most of the body rests, our head works, but in a completely different mode, that allows us both to rest our brains and perform actions that improve our memory and learning. What happens during the sleep?

Our brain organizes all the information that it had been received during the day at the time we are asleep. It gets rid of an abundance of involuntarily remembered information, it keeps important and sufficient information. The process of consolidation takes place in the chains of neurons. If we deprive ourselves of enough sleep, we become almost crazy, because our brain is simply overextended from the excess of information and, at some point, it simply refuses to work.

Many students have not enough sleep and it becomes even more difficult to have everything done on time. The grammar editing services 24/7 is really helpful in this situation as it is open to you all the time. To make sure of the correctness of your choice, address the best professional editing proof reading service. Everything you have to do is just to write us some words: “check my grammar” or formulate your request in any other ways and get the expert help in any writing field .

Memory and learning are directly related to the sleep. The part of the physiological processes of memorization and learning occurs in a dream. If you had the intellectual work in the afternoon, your neurons will actively expand a network of connections during the sleep.

That's why the saying "the early bird gets the worm" is right. Remember the material or learn something new with a fresh head is always more effective than sit up all night trying to learn a lot of information. Usually, we use a lot of sources of information and it is hard to understand which are more useful and “healthier” for us. Here are some tips which books are better to use while studying

In the afternoon our brain works actively and, like any organ accumulates a certain amount of metabolic products, residues of vital activity, which can be harmful and toxic. The sleep is exactly the time when the cells of our brain purify from these harmful remnants. That is a kind of cleaning of the brain.

In addition, sleep is the state of a complete dispersed mode of functioning of our thinking. That is necessary for an understanding of the most complex learning staff. With a constant lack of sleep, neurotoxins do not have time to be excreted and constantly depress the activity of nerve cells throughout the days and weeks, which affects the quality of our mental activity, memory, and attention. The editing and proofreading websites, understanding the complexity of these processes, assume the responsibility and make the students’ lives much easier

That's why you need a good night's sleep, preferably for several days in a row before the important events like interviews, trainings, tests and examinations, speeches. Better not try to learn and finish everything the last night. If there is such a need, it is better to hire the fast and efficient proofreader from the UK. We often receive the request “check my essay” from our customers and fulfill it as quickly and as qualitatively as possible.

How to relax your brain with sleep

1. Remember that regularity is the most important option. Do not expect that a lack of sleep during the week can be compensated by extra rest on weekends. Our brain needs to remove toxins and order the information daily.

2. Determine your personal sleep rates. Recommended 7-8 hours is the average rate for a person. But in reality, everybody has his/her own phases of sleep. Someone will have enough of these seven hours to sleep, and someone will feel tired, resting so little.

  • The amount of sleep also depends on the degree of stress during the day. If you have spent much time in the fresh air with active movement, your sleep may be stronger and longer.
  • The amount of sleep also depends on the state of health. If you are unwell, the body needs more sleep to recover.

It is suggested to determine at least two options for the duration of sleep:

  • a good condition on a normal day
  • stressful days or malaise / illness.

3. Organize your bedroom. Naturally, the place where you sleep is important. Well-known rules work here: the room should be dark, cool and fresh air must be supplied. Fresh air is especially necessary for the detoxification of nerve cells.


Meditation gives you the opportunity to focus on the current moment. Come out down of the clouds, do not think about the future or the past, but stay in the present. Thus, purify your thoughts of a part of the superfluous thinking stuff.

How to relax your brain with meditation

1. Find the basic instructions for beginners on how to meditate.

2. Choose a time when no one disturbs you, at least for 10 minutes. Try to devote this time to meditation, to liberation from all thoughts. Remember, there is the cheap proofreading service available every minute for you, so you could use the free time the way you need and want.

3. If you often feel an intellectual overload, enter a "meditative schedule", plan in advance how often, on what days and what time you will meditate. It is especially important to think in advance of this time after the information-rich events: after taking exams, attending conferences, and long communication with other people.

Beauty watching

Observation of the beauty of nature, art paintings or other works of art stimulates the creative beginning in each of us and allows us to expand the possibilities of our intellect, switches the brain into a state of recovery.

Observation of natural beauty, animals, plants, natural phenomena is extremely useful for our self-development. Natural landscapes and beauties give us rich food for the imagination. In the human world, it is difficult to find such complex, rich, diverse and amazing creations as nature provides us.

Watching the natural beauties, we get new impressions, discover new objects, phenomena each time. All this constantly creates new neural connections, while relaxing our focus of attention and, therefore, allowing us to rest our brains.

We use memory to remember the beauty. Being in new places or watching strange creatures, we create thousands of new neural connections, expand our ideas about the world. And all this is the addition to the pacification, comfort, and pleasure that we receive from nature.

The observation of beauty, both the nature and the human creations, is extremely necessary for all people, not only for creative ones but also, for other professions that seemingly are far from creativity, that is in the field of engineering, physics, mathematics and others. It often lacks new approaches and innovative solutions and creativity in such areas.

Of course, one need some spare time to spend observing the beauty. One of the possible solutions is to pay to rewrite an essay so that it sounds and looks the best way.

How to relax your brain with the beauty monitoring

1. The best place for intellectual relaxation is a natural beauty. Mountains, fields, forests, rivers. Whenever possible, try to simply consider nature: large objects (lakes, trees, rivers, fields), pay attention to the small world (how snails creep, what is a pattern on leaves and snowflakes), raise your eyes upward and look at clouds, stars in the sky.

2. If possible, periodically, visit exhibitions of artists, sculptors, photographers: look for the sake of aesthetic enjoyment of the work of art. Do not try to strain too hard to understand the meaning, just consider how the artist drew, what colors are in the picture.

3. Find natural objects for observation in everyday life: a washing cat, flowers on the balcony, a tree outside the window, birds on the branches, all this contributes to your relaxation.

4. Find a collection or ask to give you a gift book with reproductions of your favorite artists. And, periodically, look it through, enjoying the process.

Appeal to spiritual practice

Any spiritual experience in the tradition that you adhere to is expanding our consciousness, reveals a multitude of interrelations between the physical and spiritual world. It contributes to the satisfaction of our curiosity and raises many other questions, of which we are constantly thinking, developing our intellect. What a pity, that in the most cases we forget about this sphere when we decide how to relax the brain.

The presence of spiritual experience in the life influences us from different sides.

  • First, spiritual practice enriches us with energy and motivation, gives strength and inspiration. Adjusts to a favorable attitude to reality.
  • Also, the appeal to the Supreme is always connected with the definition of the meaning of one's life. Every action is filled with meaning.

Understanding of goals and meanings in our lives frees us in a great multitude of energy. We remember each of our actions, do not waste time, we are sure of our choice. All this, undoubtedly, is favorable for the work of our intellect.

Most spiritual practices (prayers, confessions, fasts) are the means that clear the mind, thoughts, gives rest to our mind.

How to relax the brain with the help of spiritual practice

1. Read the scriptures of your spiritual culture. It is advisable to do this slowly, in small parts, watching every word and feeling all the obvious and hidden meanings.

2. Pray. The prayer is a special meditation, the prayer is aimed at communicating with God. This communication gives comfort and energy, meaning to every action during your day, besides the intellectual relaxation.

3. Fast, as it is common for your religious tradition. Fasting is always purification, both physical and mental. Fasting slows down and soothes our often restless mind and thoughts, which has a positive effect on brain function.

Information relaxation

Your brain needs to rest from time to time. From unnecessary news, from information clogging,from information that does not benefit. Such cleansing allows releasing a lot of mental resources, which can be directed to the desired channel. The professional papers editing service can offer you such an opportunity, so you feel free to unload yourself from unnecessary information and do what is really important at this time.

The surplus of information, often unnecessary or even harmful for us, also takes up a lot of our brain resources. Even if we looked, read this unnecessary information and "forget about it," most of it remains in the head all the same, continues to work in the background, postponed and fixed, periodically popping up in our minds. So, be vigilant and use the opportunity to get the best result from a professional service.

How to relax your brain with information relaxation

  • Regularly, arrange the days of information unloading for yourself. The more complex your intellectual work is, the more often you experience information overload, the more often you need the relaxation days. At this time, you must turn off all possible sources of information. It is good to be with the family or alone. For each person, the frequency of such days will be different. Someone needs 1-2 times a month, and someone needs it every week and two days a week.
  • Alternate the intellectual activities with others that do not require mental expenses, especially with physical work. You may, for example, go shopping, put things in order on the table, warm up, and exercise.
  • Put your information in order. Find trash streams, find streams for development and advancement, streams for rest. Highlight what is superfluous, and what you lack for a comfortable information environment.
  • Choose the way to find the proficient help you need. There are many offers nowadays, you just have to make the right choice. As to the writing services, you may be sure of this recommendation, . There is a lot of useful information on this topic on the blog.

As you can see, there is nothing super complicated in unloading the mind if the brain is tired. All of the above methods are mostly simple and can be your regular habits. If you introduce at least one item from the proposed ones, you will feel that all the intellectual activities have become much easier.

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