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The United States is one of the first study destinations among international students. The success lies in their educational system, which serves a strong ground for nation’s development. The US educational system proved to be very effective. You may recall all international high-tech products available on the US market as well as part of the world marker the USA take. Though the system is specific in structure, it is capable of harboring not only Americans but also myriad students who seek to be educated by competent professors. The USA offers opportunities in the form of programs, which vary in the field of specialization. This is why the American educational system is famous for flexibility, and it is for this reason that everyone is free to follow the program particularly suitable for them. Our rewrite my essay service also deals with education. No, we do not belong to any university. On the contrary, we collaborate with many educational institutions providing academic help to those who require it. Is there any reason for you to turn to us? First off, let’s name some of them:

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If you are going to obtain an academic degree abroad, it is important to be familiar with the educational system of the country where you are going to spend at least the next 4 years. If your choice fell on the USA, we are going to make an overview of the American school and university system. First off, it is expedient to say that the US federal system has always been tolerant to education allowing local governance. There is no common standard for all institutions. Each state handles administration independently.  

1. Primary and Secondary Levels of Education

As a rule, the Americans begin their study life at 5 or 6. Elementary school (also called grammar school) goes first and lasts for 12 years. Many states define schooling in their legislature as obligatory, and it is, therefore, obligatory till ages 16 or 18. Primary, or elementary school, goes on for 6 years, and then children proceed to secondary school. Here, students are free to choose what to follow next: “middle school” program or “high school” one. After completion students get diplomas and are free to enter a college or university, which form “higher education” level.

Most students do their studies in public schools, which are financed by the government. Only 10% of them have the opportunity to attend private schools since it depends on parents’ abilities to pay tuition fees. Less than 2% of children have to study through homeschooling due to religious reasons or health problems. Unfortunately, homeschooling has a string of disadvantages, and in particular, notorious for the poor quality of education as well as subsequent social obstacles in talking to peers. You can turn to our company for any assistance. If some subject take many efforts and it goes hard to obtain A-grade, just choose our service ‘proofreading services for students’. At once, our teams of experts will take it up.

2. Academic Grading

The system for academic grading has been elaborated to fix students’ academic achievements by using letters. The US system uses GPA (grade point average). As a rule, academic progress in taken courses is evaluated in percentages, which are further turned into letters. For this reason, the US grading scale is very perplexing for international students. The problem also lies in the absence of the common standard. Schools may have different academic levels depending on their status value. That’s why the same GPA does not guarantee the same scope of knowledge.

3. Periods of Studying

Most American universities establish the academic year from September through May or June. It comprises two intervals, so-called “semesters”. Other schools use trimesters and split their study year into 3 parts. Besides, the curriculum is developed so that it matches the duration of the program students are going to learn.

4. Higher Level of Education

The undergraduate level, which usually implies getting a Bachelor’s degree, encompasses all students, who attend a college or university. As a rule, the undergraduate level requires at least 4 years to get a Bachelor’s degree. The curriculum in the former part of the academic year includes disciplines of various directions such as social sciences, literature, history, and others. These courses serve a solid ground later to get down to a major. The major is a basic subject, which takes most of the students’ study time. It is usually chosen before proceeding to the third year. The very feature of the US educational system is that students have the right to change their major as many times as they need it. This may happen for various reasons. In general, students are longing for changing their activity after discovering that another discipline is fascinating and suitable for them. Owing to this feature, the US educational system can boast of its flexibility worldwide.

A Master’s Degree is available for everyone who completed the undergraduate level. For this reason, this level is called graduate and followed by those, who are set to teach at universities and colleges as well as people striving to make a brilliant career. Pay attention that since not every other goes on to a Master’s degree, it is important for international students to make clear in advance whether their target university provides such opportunities. Usually, this level takes 1 or 2 years depending on the course. Finally, students have to conduct a research and write a thesis work in support. If you are currently engaged in writing a thesis paper for your research, use our service ‘thesis edit in 3 hours’ to eliminate any errors you might have overlooked.

A Doctorate Degree is the highest academic degree. Getting a PhD is the indisputable proof that you are indeed an expert in your field. There is no fixed term to complete it, but at least three years are needed. International students usually devote more time to get a PhD degree. The first two years take place in classes. The last one goes for doing a research project followed by thesis writing. This project differs from that of Master’s Degree with innovation and originality. Here, you are supposed to discover something new in your research field. Keep in mind that PhD is very difficult and not up to everyone.

5. Types of Institutions

State colleges or universities are institutions, which are financed by large public taxes set by the government. Each state supports at least one university by ensuring studies at all levels. International students have to pay out-of-state fees, which are not small. Among state universities, there are Ohio State University, California State University, and others.

Private colleges and universities exist beyond government’s control since they are run by the college or university board. Though they are smaller in size compared to state institutions, the same can hardly be stated about their fees, which are much larger.

Community colleges are institutions that provide higher education and award certificates, diplomas and transferable degrees. Studies at community college take 2 years. As a rule, after community college students have to attend university to complete their studies and get a degree.

Institutes of technologies are mostly focused on technical development. That’s why all programs are connected to technical disciplines. Those who are going to get their degree here are required to have a solid background in math and sciences. The world-known one is MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). By the way, if you are going to do your studies in the USA, here is the list of the best universities you should apply to

The Ivy League is an association including eight private American universities. The most famous ones are Harvard University and Yale University. Not every American family can afford studies at these institutions since tuition costs are really sky-high. The admission rate is very small since it is an honor to study here, and quality of education justifies its price.

Small Art Colleges are the best choice for students, who have nothing to do with math or history but are inspired by playing musical instruments or painting. The curriculum here minds mostly humanities and social sciences, but the emphasis is put on an individual approach to each student.

6. Learning Atmosphere

The learning atmosphere in US schools and universities is very energetic. It does not matter whether it is a lecture room or seminar class, all students are required to participate and speak up. As a rule, lessons are frequently followed by presentations and discussions. It is important to create an active interconnection between a teacher and a group. Some courses also anticipate studies in laboratories. By the way, you may follow our blog to read about ways to create a positive and inspiring learning environment:

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