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Every student faced with such fact that his paper did not pass inspection. It can be because of many factors. Maybe, the structure of paper is not correct. Students very often take such topics of papers, which they cannot reveal properly. By the way, we can offer you top essay ideas on our site. Sometimes, text of student paper can be difficult and boring for reading. However, the biggest threat is plagiarism. Nowadays you can find all answers on the Internet. Hence, students just copy already existing materials according to their topic from the Internet and get bad marks. Wanting to do the assignment as quickly as possible, undergraduates forget about such definition as academic dishonesty. You can be sent down because of plagiarism. That is how assignment rewriter of our company can help you. One of the magnificent editing and proofreading services will express principles of rewriting of your assignments.

Rewriting is the stage of creating new and unique material from already existent material. The sense of it must remain the same. Otherwise, it cannot be considered as rewriting. The work with text is laborious business. There are two types of rewriting the text: sketchy rewriting and profound rewriting. Sketchy rewriting means maximal reduction of time in favor of bad-quality content while profound one signifies detailed work with text and hence, maximal costs of energy and time. We want to notice that our company does only profound rewriting. That is why, every student cannot worry about such definitions as “price-quality”. Our staff will provide the manuscript with qualitative text in the result.

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We already exist on the vast expanses of Internet during 7 years. We established ourselves as reliable company, which tackles the assignment with all responsibility and releases high-quality product in the end. Every customer may confirm it thanks to testimonials on home page of site. As any successful company, we never stand at one place and aim for perfection. tries to expand range of proposed services as our staff understands that wishes of clients can change because of the development of scientific and technical progress. Therefore, keeping in step with progress is foreground for us.

Staff of consists of high-class workers, experts of their business and excellent adepts of foreign languages. For today, our company has the best workers, which labor on the result. Services of our site signify in giving neatness and readability to the content of manuscript, which are:

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Rewriting
  • Revision.

Today, we will explain further on the stage of rewriting. We reveal essential principles of rewriting, which we use during “polishing” your any assignment.

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Effective Principles Of Rewriting From Our Site

You need profound rewriting with the aim of getting 100 percent unique text. Basically, mentor wishes to see how you work with information. The aim of assignment determines disclosure of sense in your own words. Our staff presents you guide about effective rewriting of assignment, which our company uses during this process. Let us start.

Principle №1. Read the assignment thoroughly and express main moments in it. The sense of rewriting is lost if main idea of final text does not match with initial text. Hence, be careful with facts and details. Omission of facts leads to semantic and factual errors.

Principle №2. Change the structure of initial text. For instance, complicated sentence can be divided into small, simple and easy for perception phrases. Even paragraphs can be changed over but saving logical sense as well.

Principle №3. Do not use your own opinions, thoughts and comments in your assignment. In other words, rewriting is presentation of finished text.  You usually have to highlight own point of view in essay. However, rich experience in the theme of document will not be excess for additional information.

Principle №4. Reverse Passive Voice constructions into Active Voice constructions. Passive Voice in sentence only complicates it especially if it is compound sentence. Hence, use action verbs for simplification of information.

Principle №5. Avoid clutter in paper. Thanks to clutter, students obtain required number of words in paper. Nevertheless, it is false approach. Rewritten text should contain the same number of words as initial text. That is why, cut the clutter in material of paper.

Principle №6. Change the direct speech into indirect speech. The statements of different scientists or authors are usually considered as plagiarism. Hence, it is better to avoid him turning direct speech into indirect. Nevertheless, be cautious with rules of Indirect Speech.

Principle №7. Use a few sources in order to make qualitative rewriting. It is difficult to correct the paper if you are not well acquainted with the topic of paper. Search literature in the library or Internet according the topic of paper in order to clear up.

Principle №8. Apply the vocabulary of synonyms and explanatory dictionary.  The frequent mistake of student papers is repetition of the same word several times. Vocabulary of synonyms helps you in this case. You can also replace the word-term with easier analog-word. Use explanatory dictionary with aim of understanding the meaning of the term and after that – vocabulary of synonyms.

Principle №9. Highlight essential moments and delete unnecessary parts of the content. Sometimes our customers address to us with request of personal style’s improvement. Re-read material with aim to understand what part of structure you have to rewrite (introduction, paragraphs of main part, conclusion).

Principle №10. Be aware of lexicon and grammar of language. Be familiar with all “reefs” of grammar and wide range of lexicon. For instance, you desire to know the construction of Complex Object in the sentence if you wish to simplify the complicated sentence. English differs with variety of tenses. Hence, it is worth to know right usage of every tense. That is why, be aware of Past Simple Basic Rules on our site.

Principle №11. Inspect your paper on any mistakes during rewriting. It is better to read the information aloud with aim of noticing discernible mistakes. Presence of any mistakes mars the impression about the manuscript.

What are you waiting for? Place an order on site If this information is not enough for you, find more information about our site on home page. We appreciate open communication with clients and fulfill their wishes.

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