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It is not a mystery that teachers in the university check not only how student understands the topic of his paper. Certainly, the disclosure of the paper’s topic is the foundation of good assessment for each student. However, do not forget about the literacy of paper. Your teacher wants you to write competent paper with good plot. From this point, false opinions exist about the definitions of editing and proofreading. The task of professional editor is to improve writing style of paper, while the task of professional proofreader is to check final variant of paper on presence of grammar mistakes. It will be revealed advices about right proofreading of your any assignment. You will make sure that our team has all essential qualities for qualitative process of proof.

Briefly About Proofreading

Usually proofreading is final process before the publication of certain paper. You can ask obvious question. Why should human do proofreading if programs – text editors have such services? However, machine is not immune from mistakes. That is why, human’s mind serves as best option for correction. Usually process of proof takes place after the full editing. Proof reader should convince that there are any errors in the written text. Typical mistakes, which proofreader should correct, are:

  • Grammar mistakes (wrong usage of verb forms, prepositions, pronouns, incorrect usage of indefinite/definite article, stylistic mistakes and so on);
  • Orthographic mistakes (incorrect writing of the words and also typos and blots);
  • Syntax errors ( it is usually wrong usage of commas in the sentences);
  • Incorrect use of English (It is meant about the presence of only British English or American English according to the requirements of the paper).

An excellent corrector finds even such mistakes, which common person may not find at all. Proofreading is required condition for companies, where stuff is not so confident in their own knowledge of English.  Process of proofreading can be done online. In this case, text editor Microsoft Word helps to do qualitative process of proof. Nevertheless, specialist can do check with the help of printed version. He uses special system of checking abbreviations in order to help himself. Services of offer you a unique opportunity to take advantage of our proofreader online. You will be amazed the quality of our team.

How To Get Excellent Proofreading?

We are already familiar with the process of mistakes’ correction from the previous paragraph. However, how can we get excellent proofreading of the paper? It should be noted that proofreading is the process, which requires strong attention. Dear student, as team with professional proofreading services presents you a few advices. Thanks to them you can check mistakes on your own. The advices can be divided in two sections:

  • Preparation for correction of mistakes;
  • Process of proof.

What should you do before the inspection of your paper?

  • Read attentively the whole text or its section or paragraph before you start to check mistakes on the sentence or word level. Dear student, you should examine whole paper or at least one paragraph. Some mistakes can repeat and you will do your process of proof easier if you find these repetitions.
  • Postpone your paper for some time. Writing of dissertation, coursework or any assignment requires much time and forces. You cannot easily notice mistakes. That is why, distance from the text is required.
  • Cut the clutter in your paper. Clutter only makes bad for your language. There are many articles in the network, dedicated to this phenomenon. You may get acquainted with them.
  • “Surf” your previous papers. University life consists of permanent academic papers. Look for typical mistakes in your previous papers. Maybe, you remember remarks of your teacher on your previous papers. This will greatly improve your correction of mistakes.

What should you do during the process of your paper’s proof?

  • Use printed version of your paper instead of online-version. This advice is quite understandable. It is rather comfortable to read the printed text. Therefore, you can notice quicker mistakes in your paper. Nevertheless, some options in text-editors help your check of mistakes.
  • It is better to read aloud. If you do it, you can find such mistakes, which are not noticeable during the reading silently.
  • Use sheet of paper or lineage in order to close the lines, which are situated below of following line. This technique is useful in non-abstraction of attention. You will not certainly miss possible mistakes.
  • If you do many mistakes in your paper, you can divide your mistakes concerning the importance of them. Begin to correct the most difficult mistakes and finish with easy mistakes.
  • Do not afraid to use the help of text editor. They are quite useful in correction of such mistakes, as its/it’s, problem of dangling modifiers and so on.

What Are The Main Qualities Of Our Team?

If you find out that you cannot do good proofreading on your own, you can use our help. Team of consists of excellent specialists. What are the main qualities of our proofreaders?

1. Each member of our team is good computer user. It is requirement for corrector to have good computer skills nowadays. Modern proofreader should know how to use text editors in correction of mistakes.

2. Our correctors have special training in the sphere of English and Literature. Staff of does not have inexperienced workers. We are masters of English grammar on advanced level.

3. Any specialist in our team is fond of reading. Reading skills are essential in the job of proofreader in order to find out grammar and spelling errors. You may be sure that we have only well-read staff members.

4. Careful examination of the text is main principle of work for any proofreader in our company. We use only effective techniques during the process of proof. Our staff members have enough degree of patience and critical point of view during the check of mistakes.

Therefore, you can place your order on in order to grade your any assignment. Our team specializes on qualified English proofreading online.

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