Essay Rewriting: Where to Get Help


Every student knows how hard it is to write an essay, but writing any kind of academic paper is not the end of student’s endeavors. Revision and proofreading are as important as writing the paper itself. In most cases, essay rewriting plays a more significant role than simply crafting an essay. Rewriting an essay is not easy if you don’t know the basics of what is needed to do the job properly. Some students wish they could just add something to the content of the essay draft ...Continue reading

Online Essay Revision: The Best Way to Reach Perfection


Revision of one’s writing is a complex process of analyzing, reviewing, proofreading and editing a piece of writing aimed at improving its quality and style. The skill of revising a written work is very important for writers, students and everyone who wants to produce a top-quality piece of writing. No matter whether you are writing a paper for school, a college report or a journal article, it is important to learn how to improve the clarity, accuracy and organization of the written ...Continue reading

Proofreading for Students: Where to Get Professional Help


While studying in college or university, every student is often faced with the question of how to proofread an essay, term paper, dissertation or any other kind of academic writing. It is worth noting that proofreading is a complex process that requires much time and skill in order to complete the task to the best of one’s abilities and reach a satisfactory level. However, in the modern times of digital revolution students have plenty of opportunities to get their papers revised for a ...Continue reading

Our Professional Proofreader Will Make Your Day


It is not a mystery that teachers in the university check not only how student understands the topic of his paper. Certainly, the disclosure of the paper’s topic is the foundation of good assessment for each student. However, do not forget about the literacy of paper. Your teacher wants you to write competent paper with good plot. From this point, false opinions exist about the definitions of editing and proofreading. The task of professional editor is to improve writing style of paper, ...Continue reading

Edit My English Academic Paper


It is only half-way to write academic paper. Every student wants to write the best paper. However, during the writing of papers undergraduates think only about the certain capacity of words or they just want to perform the task as quicker as possible. Typical academic paper should be written following special requirements. Requirements are different on their basis. Some requirements concern format of the paper, while other imply right structure and logical sequence of the paper. Students are ...Continue reading

Online Proofreader: What Does Proofreading Mean?


Not all students know what an online essay proofreader is and what the role and functions of this person are. If to briefly characterize the art of proofreading, a proofreader uses skills, experience and knowledge in order to check the piece of writing composed by the author and then edited by the editor. A proofreader checks that the author’s work is written at a satisfactory level. After that, a proofreader makes amendments and gives advice to the author regarding any kind of problems ...Continue reading

Dissertation Editor: Main Role and Functions


Is your dissertation written up to the point? Have you proved all of your claims with well-grounded and well-reasoned evidence? Or maybe, you have made some silly mistakes in your writing. In all of these cases, you desperately need help of a qualified dissertation editor. But before you start looking for the editing service, we recommend you to read the following article to learn more about the key role and the most common functions of dissertation editors. The current essay will help you to ...Continue reading

Online Proofreading Service: Get Professional Help!


Online proofreading services are a magical invention, especially designed for those students who find it hard to proofread various writing assignments ranging from a simple essay to such a difficult kind of paper as dissertation. Mark Twain once said that the difference between the practically correct word and the correct word is immense. According to the famous writer and editor, it is similar to the difference between the “lightening” and the “lightening-bug”. That is ...Continue reading

Adverb. Its Definition and Characteristics


Adverb is usually characterized as a notional part of speech. In English language, adverbs reflect the quality of a person’s action or of some other quality. To put it simple, it demonstrates when, how, where and in what situation an action takes place. It also emphasizes the quality reflected by the adjective. It is interesting to know that not all linguists consider that an adverb is a notional part of speech. Some linguists, including Sweets, consider that an adverb is a particle that ...Continue reading

Ways to Remember Relative Clauses without Problems


Relative clauses are generally used to provide additional data about something without the necessity to start a different sentence. International students often find it hard to remember various existing rules of English grammar including the basic rules on relative clauses. However, it is of great importance to learn how to combine sentences with the help of relative clauses, because this is what will help you to make your writing more fluent and avoid repetition of certain phrases. First of ...Continue reading

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