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A lot of people need to make the rewrite of the paper, but they have a lot of difficulties to find the paper rewriter, who has a lot of experience. From the first sight, it seems to be very easy and you can think, that you can do it from your side, but if you do it incorrectly, your paper will be the simple plagiarism. So in this article you will be able to see the methods of the paper rewriting and the ways how our professional writers do it. If you have any difficulties, you can contact us here and we will be glad to rewrite your paper.

It is better to start from the meaning of the rewriting. It is when you change the paper with your own words, but the sense will be the same.

The rewriting is very popular in our time and the reason of it is the development of the different sites. The owners of these sites need to update their sites, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to do every time from their side. If you wish to rewrite your text, you made the right choice, because our writers will do their best to provide you with the successful paper.

The main methods of the rewriting

  1. Using the synonyms

It is the most important rule of the rewriting. There are a lot of synonyms, which every word has and because of it, the text you have is possible to change completely. Our writers have a lot of experience in rewriting different papers and because of it you should not worry about the results. We will find all the synonyms and will change your paper in the way, that it will not be possible to understand, which original text was from the very beginning.

  1. Changing the direct speech into the indirect one

If you do it, no one can tell you that your paper is plagiarism. But you should be careful with the tenses. Our writers will change the direct speech into the indirect according to the grammar rules and you can be sure, that all tenses will be correct. Also, it is possible to change the indirect speech to the direct, but it is not a very popular thing.

  1. Changing the places for the paragraphs

If you place the paragraphs in the other order, it will help you to rewrite the paper. But our writers will do it correct and will check if the meaning of the whole text did not change. They will check also the structure of the text and will make it readable. Also, you can be sure, that the thoughts from one paragraph will be in the next paragraph. All paragraphs will be connected with each other.

  1. Deleting the words, which are not important

If you delete the words, the meaning of which does not have any important meaning, it will be the part of the rewriting. But you should be careful and do not delete any information, that you need. Because of it, we recommend you to let our writers to rewrite the text for you. In this case you can be sure, that all important information will be present in the text.

  1. Add new words

If you add some new words to the sentence, it will be different and you will be able to rewrite it. You should remember, that it is possible to do the new words, but if there will be too many words in the sentence, it will not be good. Our writers will exceed your expectation. You can check the example: “ There is the plant on the table.” The sentences, that was changed looked like: “ There is the beautiful plant on the little brown table”. You can see the difference and you can only imagine how your text will be changed if our writers will work with it.

  1. Change the structure of the sentences

You should not use very long or very short sentences in your paper. Our writers always divide the very long sentences into a few simple, because of these reasons:

  • It is easier for people to read the short sentences, because when they read too long sentence, it is very easy to forget the idea.

  • It is very easy to make a lot of mistakes in the long sentences. There is no need to write such sentences, because the teacher can ask you to correct the essay in this way.

  1. Use a few words instead only one

It is possible to see the example here: “John decided to go for a walk” and “John made the decision to go for a walk”. As you can see, here is the same meaning of the sentence, but it was possible to show with the help of the other words. If you wish, our writers will be glad to do it for you and you will get the successful rewrite of the paper.

  1. Use passive voice

It is possible to change the sentences from the active to the passive and also from the passive to the active in the essay. But you should be careful with the grammar, because it is possible to make a lot of mistakes. If you have any difficulties, you can contact us any time you wish, and we will be glad to help you.

  1. Informative text

Even if you change the whole text, you should not forget, that in the result you need to get the text with the served style, structure and the informative meaning. There should not be a lot of words, which do not have any information and just take place.

As you can see, the rewriting of the paper takes some time, but if you wish to save it and to be sure, that you will get the successful and correct essay, you can contact us here and we will be glad to do it for you.

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